Blogs I ♥

These are truly the blogs that make me laugh, keep me inspired and deeply me stir me.  They are the people who make my heart leap when I see they've posted something new.

Bloggers I Know IRL

Amy @

Three years ago I walked into an early childhood class as a first-time mom toting my, then, 10-month-old son.  A few minutes after I arrived a vibrant, full-of-life, lovable woman walked in with her 11-month-old son.  Instantly we were BFFs. Since then Amy and I have been through a lot of ups and downs in our own lives but our friendship has remained steady.  She's one of those people who I know I'll be forever connected with.  She blogs about life with her two boys (plus baby on the way) and adorable hubby.

Andrea @

Our husbands, both named Brian, met when they were (gasp!) in the seminary together.  First I came along and stole my Brian's heart.  Then Andrea came along and stole her Brian's heart.  We each got married just a few months apart.  Andrea and Brian are one of the most courageous couples I know.  They also totally rock at being Catholic.  They followed a long, hard, but oh-so rewarding path to adopt their son, Martin.  Andrea calls in him "the coolest kid in the world" and he really is.  A few months after Martin arrived at their home in Ohio, surprise!, a baby came knocking and Helen was born.  In less than a year their family has doubled.  Andrea blogs about her family - "built through adoption and genetics."

Jackie @

She's my could-have-been identical twin sister.  So much so that we unknowingly got pregnant at the same time and gave birth to daughters just two weeks apart.  When she started her blog she was quick to tell me, "but it's mostly just going to be pictures, not writing."  She got the math genes.  I got the writing genes.  But you know what?  She's blogging and she's blogging well.  Plus it's a great way for me to stay up to speed on my smiley little goddaughter.

Liz is our family's personal photographer.  Alright so she's a lot of people's personal photographer.  Liz and her husband are good friends with Brian's brother and wife.  But we've known them for so long and love them so much that think it's safe to say they are our own good friends, not just because they know Brian's brother.  Liz is a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful children.  Her husband is one of the funniest guys I know.  One night Liz was telling me, "I think I'd like to be a photographer."  Instantly, or so it seemed, she started displaying these amazing photographs and now her business is booming.  When Liz blogs she tells it like it is.  No holding back.  She's a natural mother.  If God gave her 75 kids I think she'd be the happiest woman in the world.  And that's where she and I are so similar.

Laura @

Laura is one of the reasons I love modern social networking.  Laura and I both studied journalism together in college.  We both graduated and that was the last we had seen or heard from one another since.  But five years later I got a friend request from her on Facebook and it's like we've been swept up in a twister and landed in Married Land and Mommyhood.  Seriously, where did the time go?  Laura currently lives in the South with her husband and son but she's really a Midwestern girl at heart!

Bloggers I Wish I Knew IRL

Rachel @

I don't remember how I ever came to find Rachel's blog.  I've been reading it for years.  And that's not an exaggeration.  Rachel lives in the south with her husband and FIVE sons.  AND, she just gave birth to baby #6; a GIRL!  She blogs about "swords, army guys, Chuck Norris and basketball."  But I have a feeling there will be a lot more pink and frilly posts to come now that a little estrogen has entered the picture.  Rachel is a devoted Catholic and she has an ease about her faith that comes so naturally.  She is truly someone to be admired.

Stephanie @

It's funny to me that I'm not listing Stephanie under bloggers I know IRL because it feels like I do.  Our children are similar in age.  We have similar philosophies on life.  And we email back and forth a lot when you consider the fact that we've never actually met in person.  If you're new to the mom blogosphere, should be the first blog you bookmark.  She's always linking to what's happening right now.  She's gives great advice to bloggers.  And she's even written an ebook about it!  She has awesome giveaways, she loves to celebrate other mom bloggers, but, I have to admit, my favorite posts of hers are the simple ones when she writes about life in Arizona with her husband and two adorable little girls.

Darcie @
Darcie has an incredible way with words.  If I didn't care what she was writing about I would still read her blog in hopes that some of her way with words will somehow rub off on me through my computer screen.  But it turns out I do love what she writes.  I always find myself nodding along as I read whatever she has to say.

Becca reminds me of the hilarity of having a little boy.  Sometimes it's so tough raising little boys because they are such a mystery to me.  But Becca reminds me to sit back, watch and have a good giggle about the whole thing.

Kristen @

Kristen writes like a poet.  And takes pictures like a prized photographer.  And she's also one of the only women I know who loves, truly loves, football as much as I do.  Plus, all the names of her four children have been on our baby name list at one time or another.  Ironic!

Stephanie @

Stephanie always reminds me to enjoy the littlest of moments.  Her photography is captivating and the enormity of the love she has for her family is breathtaking.  She's honest and vulnerable and strong.  Her strengths are the exact opposite as mine.  And that's exactly why I keep reading her blog.

Love @

Love has one of the only blogs that I immediately added to my blogroll as soon as I read the first word she wrote. Love makes me want to have a giant family.  Of all different colors.  She makes me think about things I don't want to think about.  Her pictures?  Astounding.  And her entire family is just so darn beautiful!

Chelsea @

When I need a good laugh Chelsea is the first blog I hit up. She has a wit about her and brings new humor to every day things I wouldn't even think twice about. She's a runner. Which really inspires me. She's a teacher in addition to a mommy of two. Which pretty much makes her a superhero in my mind. And she's gorgeous. Seriously. Just hop over there to see her profile picture!

Tell Me More!

What amazing, noteworthy blogs am I missing?  I love finding hidden gems.  Especially if they are well-written and witty.  Send me a note if you think you've found a good one!
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