The Characters of my Life

My love.  My one and only.

He's good at everything I'm not.  He sells software by day so I can stay at home.  I couldn't sell water in a desert.  By night he hunkers down in our basement with his guitar and piano making beautiful music.

He was born in the wrong era.  He thinks he's Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin or
Don Draper.  Take your pick.  Offer him a microphone and performing for you would be his delight.

He hasn't met a beer or bottle he doesn't appreciate.  And he would smoke cigarettes if I let him.  I don't.

His alarm is always set for 5:30 so he can make it to the gym.  His loyalty to Notre Dame Football is sometimes downright silly.  His love of the Catholic faith is to be admired and will always be indestructible.  Of this I am absolutely certain.

Sometimes the only reason I can make it through the day is because I know at the end of all of this it will just be us.  Two old, grey and wrinkly lovebirds shooting the breeze on the front porch.
He came into the world a month too early.  He had a rough go of it at first but has been wow-ing us ever since.

He is a lover of superheros, comic books, Star Wars, weapons, Calvin and Hobbes, telling bad jokes, break dancing, singing, monster faces, bike riding, meatballs, cereal, donuts, swimming and talking all. the. time.

He hasn't met a single person who he wouldn't want to be best friends with. Including all three of his siblings.  If his Kindergarten class held a popularity contest, I'm certain he would win.
Oh this girl.  She is something else, I tell ya.  She probably should have been an only child.  But alas she's found herself plopped down in the middle of this family.  She's been fighting it ever since.  About 80% of the energy in our house comes from this little girl.

She wholeheartedly loves princesses, tutus, dresses, necklaces, makeup, Beauty and the Beast, gymnastics, dancing, singing, shoes, scrambled eggs, walking on her tip toes, every shade of pink and every flavor of chocolate.

She is just as outgoing as William but not nearly as easy-going.  Not even in the same ballpark.  But someday that is going to serve her just fine and she'll show all of us.  Watch out, world!
My dear, sweet Katherine. She was the most mild-mannered baby.  Then she turned toddler and realized she was squished between two scene-stealing older siblings and The Baby.  So she decided to come alive and make herself known.

But here's the real secret: She's the cute one!

She didn't get her turn at being The Baby for very long.  She makes up for that by being our best snuggler.  She's teeny tiny for her age.  She hearts baby dolls, puppy dogs, board books, stuffed animals, tofu, bath time and doing anything the big kids are doing.

I may have been known to call her my favorite but only because she's old enough to sleep through the night and young enough to not be able to talk back to me.  It's a very small window of time.
Just 14 months after our Katherine was born, a gigantic ten-and-a-half-pound baby fell into my arms.  Yes, I really pushed that out of me.  And without drugs nonetheless.  I call Bobby a planned surprise.  We always wanted a 4-pack.  We just didn't know they would all be so close together!

He was a difficult newborn but has grown into just the sweetest little boy.  His blue eyes are piercing.  His belly laugh is intoxicating.  And his size is a freak of nature.

I never got the tiny newborn for my last baby.  Instead I got a tank of a boy who always looks twice his age.  He is the addition I didn't know our family needed so soon.  And there isn't one member of our family who can remember life without him.  Oh how we love our Bobby Boy!
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