Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing In the New Year

May 2010 bring you much love,



and plenty of sweet smooches.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Faves of 2009

I might have thought it was funny. Or sentimental. Or just cute. But whatever the reason here's a list of my top ten favorite posts of 2009.

10. Food For My Soul

Let's start out with a touching moment, shall we? I look at this and can't believe how little they both look. Then I look at the date and can't believe it's only seven months ago. Today the sibling love is stronger than ever and SO MUCH FUN to watch.

9. Motherly Sacrifices

When I was seven months pregnant with Lucy I slipped and fell on the ice. Here I reflect on why mothers, pregnant or not, need to slow down a bit. It's a good reminder for all of us.

8. No Room At The Drive-Inn

This one is just plain funny. If you were a stranger entering my home you would have to look no further than this scene to say with 100% certainty that a little boy lives in this house.

7. The Best Proof He Got More Daddy Genes Than Mommy Genes

This video was shot almost a whole year ago. I can say with full certainty that he has not changed. He's still our little performer with an itch for all things music.

6. I'll Take Two Please

Life with two kids is full. But here is where I realize that for me, full means more fulfilling.

5. Feelings and Attitude

This one is pretty raw. It was just after we learned of Lucy's diagnosis and I didn't hold anything back. It turned out to be great therapy tool for me.

4. Dear Lucy,

Here I reflect on Lucy's three-month birthday. How is it that I began the year with one two-year-old and ended it with one three-year-old and one eight-month-old? If feels like I've been living this life for ages.

3. This One's For My Dad

He's still on my mind more than he's not. Still can't believe he's been gone for fifteen years.

2. Soaking It In

William gives me a lot of grief day in and day out. But no matter what kind of day I've had, I have a hard time reading through this post without getting tears in my eyes.

1. Lucy's Story

With all that's happened this year, and A LOT has happened, 2009 will always be remembered first and foremost as the year our lovely little Lucy entered our family. Here is her birth story.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Decade of my Life

Ever wonder how to answer that question, "Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

It's impossible to believe that the first decade of the 21st century is coming to an end. It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2000.

It's even more impossible for me to believe how far I've come in ten years.

2000 - I began my second semester of my freshman year at the University of St. Thomas. Later, in the first semester of my sophomore year, I meet Brian for the first time.

2001 - Brian and I begin dating. Together, with our friends, we have what may go down as the funnest summer of our lives.

2002 - I begin my senior year at college. My relationship with Brian becomes more serious.

2003 - I graduate from college and land my first real job at an HR consulting company. Come fall Brian and I are engaged to be married!

2004 - Brian graduates from college. He lands his first job selling computer software. We buy a house and two weeks later we get married. Whew! What a year!

2005 - Brian and I take lots of trips as DINKs. (Dual Income No Kids) We travel to Mexico and Las Vegas. I take a few business trips. Life is easy peasy.

2006 - I learn I am pregnant with our first child. In November William Joseph Nash enters the world. He has a rough start but things work out just fine.

2007 - I officially quit my job to stay at home with William full time. Simultaneously Brian switches employers. With no job to answer to William and I travel to San Fransisco to meet daddy on a business trip and later we go on a spring break adventure to Florida.

2008 - I become pregnant with our second child.

2009 - Brian switches employers once again. But before that happens Lucy Jean Nash enters our crazy family. We sell our first home and buy our current home in our dream location.

And we all lived happily ever after.

The End.

Except, it's probably not.

There'll be more kids, more houses and more jobs, no doubt. I'm ready! I can't wait to see where the next ten years will take our family.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Post-Christmas Weekend Comedown

Today was not a good day. Actually, today was a pretty bad day. Nothing extraordinarily awful happened. It was just one of those days when I wished it was my turn to go into the office and Brian could stay at home.

Our house is full of clutter. Empty cardboard boxes to break down. Toys yet to be assembled. Assembled toys yet to be put in a place. Clutter stresses me out.

Lucy's cutting two upper teeth. You all know how that goes.

William didn't nap. Instead he pooped in his pants. Twice. Thankfully he was still in a diaper, both times, because I was still hoping he would fall asleep. He didn't.

While he was "resting" in his room I decided to take a shower. The heavens opened and gave Lucy a reprieve from the pain in her gums so she could fall asleep. But alas, I didn't even get a chance to work up a good shampoo lather before I heard her screams.

I scrambled to finish my shower and then rescued her from her crib. I put her on my bed and then gave in to William's restlessness and let him out of his room.

The three of us hung out on my bed for a while. Lucy was still Ms. Crabby Pants and I had to tell William a thousand times to stop jumping on the bed so he wouldn't knock out his little sister. Soon William was monkeying with Brian's alarm clock. A favorite toy of his. He managed to turn on the radio which was tuned to an oldies station.

"There she was just a-walkin' down the street..." came the lyrics.

I stood Lucy up and starting dancing her little body around on the bed.

William quickly caught on to the unforgettable melody.

"Doo wha diddy diddy down diddy do."

Right there we had ourselves a little karaoke and dance party.

It lifted my mood and energy just enough to throw on every one's snow clothes and get outside for some fresh air.

We walked to the market that's just a few blocks from our house. I bought pasta, tomatoes and peas to make a quick dish for dinner. No one whined and no one needed discipline. That half hour ended up being the best part of my day.

When we got back we all had rosy cheeks and fresh air in our lungs. And daddy was home. Praise the lord, daddy was home.

It doesn't take much to turn this stay-at-home mama's spirits around.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jiggity Jog

We couldn't see out our rear view mirror...

...but we made it.

After clearing out the ice-packed snow in front of our driveway and making dinner for the kids with whatever was left in the cupboards, Brian surprised me with this.

Our first fire in this house. In a real wood burning fireplace, mind you. Something we had said we would do Christmas Eve night before the snow storm rudely interrupted all of our plans.

The kids were put to bed early. They needed it. And now we're settling in to watch "Julie & Julia." It's only just started but I can already tell I'm going to like it because it includes two of my favorite things. Blogging and cooking.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snowed In on Christmas Eve

We made it!

Let's go play in the snow!

Brothers in Arms

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree

Sledding down to the lake

2 on 2 Football on the Ice

Men Being Boys

One Big Happy...

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over the River and Through the Blizzard

Well, you know it's bad when the weatherman is so excited to make his forecast that he seems high.

That's the situation we're in here, folks.

Twelve to twenty (you heard me) inches are forecasted right in the middle of where we need to drive for Christmas. The storm starts? Christmas Eve morning. The storm ends? Saturday morning. If we're lucky.

So we made the decision to leave for my mom's house two days early to avoid the risk of spending Christmas alone. Which, wouldn't be a bad thing. Kind of fun, actually. But I'm sure we'd get bored.

This morning they were comparing this storm with the Halloween Storm of '91. I remember that storm vividly. I was ten years old. My dad wore his deer-hunting suit to take us trick-or-treating. My sister slipped and fell in Ackerman's driveway spilling her bucket of candy everywhere. When my dad was finished snowblowing the driveway the snowbanks reached well above his head.

Sure, storms are pain. Things get cancelled. Roads are treacherous. The clean-up is a mess.

But if you're all safe and sound and snug as a bug at home it makes for fun, lasting memories. (Sidenote: The Minnesota news always likes to report a baby boom nine months from the time a winter storm hits. Hehe...)

I think someday William and Lucy will ask me about the Christmas Storm of 2009. And I'll say, "Oh yes, you were three, William and it was your first Christmas, Lucy! You were only 8 months. Daddy and I decided to leave for Grandma's house early so we packed up the car and..."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Special Delivery

It's too bad you don't live on Wellesley Avenue in lovely Saint Paul.

Because if you did, you'd have received one of these this evening...

...delivered by these two cute elves.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Meal Goes Avatar

As Christmas gets closer I get more and more lazy with my dinner preparations. Does this happen to anyone else? I'm burnt out from all the baking and I'm trying to plan for fancy appetizers and lavish meals to come.

Today after naps we headed over to my friend's house for family hair cut night. She does this every six to eight weeks for us at a much discounted price than she charges in the salon. It's quite a steal.

When the last hair was snipped it was already 6:30 p.m. I was handing my Lucy Cherrios and hoping she would hold over in the car ride home until I could prepare her a more filling dinner.

"What are you thinking for dinner?" I asked Brian.

"I was just thinking the same thing myself. I don't know. What do you think?"

Being so close to Christmas we didn't want to spend a lot of money so we did the laziest thing one does when searching for dinner options. We sprang for Mickey D's. It happens, oh, twice a year maybe for our family. And usually only when we're traveling and in a crunch. William doesn't even know what a Happy Meal is.

But tonight a Happy Meal is what he got. With apples and milk. You know, so I don't feel SO guilty about the whole thing. (Brian and I watched Super Size Me once and I haven't been able eat McDonald's the same since.)

Anyway, do I have a point here? Oh yes, that's right. The Happy Meal toy. So the Happy Meal toy is an action figure for the new movie Avatar. As in the Avatar movie that is rated PG-13. Happy Meal toy. Weird.

I mean right on the movie's website it says, "Parents of young children may wish to exercise discretion."

The toy is some creature who possesses a tail and has a blue light which activates to the sound of your voice. It's pretty cool.

Mr. Avatar Creature hung from our shower rings by his tail during bathtime. Lucy screamed to him while she got her jammies on. He also accompanied us during bedtime books. And every time you walk by William's room you can see a flickering of a soft blue light as he lulls Mr. Avatar to sleep.

Solid marketing tool, Avatar movie. Unfortunately our children won't be in line to see your movie any time soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

All Wrapped and Under the Tree

This Christmas William and Lucy are getting one big gift from "Santa" and a bunch of smaller gifts from mommy and daddy. We wrap up all their gifts from us and open them on Christmas Eve night. Gifts from Santa are presented unwrapped in the living room on Christmas morning.

Here's a list of what we got our kids for Christmas this year. I always enjoy seeing what other parents come up with for creative ideas instead of always giving a heap of plastic. (We did that too, but we try to limit.) It's getting a little late for this year's Christmas but please share your grand ideas in the comments section. I'd love to hear them!


1. Tie

What little boy doesn't want to be just like his daddy? Plus it's a practical gift too because I want him to wear a tie to Christmas Mass. This was surprisingly hard to find. I found the zip-neck kind at Nordstrom's for $18.

2. Tape Measure

This is William's favorite tool in our toolbox. Except the real one always snaps back on his little fingers. I bought this pretend one on Amazon for $7.95. I combined it with some other gifts to get the free shipping on orders over $25.

3. Toothbrush

I'm one of those mean moms that combines presents with things my kids actually need. William needed a new toothbrush so I bought him one with Cars on it and he'll be just as psyched about it as the latest and greatest toy. Done.

4. Pretend Food

So I'm kind of cheating here. This pretend food came free with the kids' big present (see below). But it came in a separate box and I figure the more presents to open the more fun. So I threw some paper on it and put it under the tree.

5. Slinky

Since this is our first Christmas with two kids we took them to Walgreens and let them pick out gifts for each other. This is what I picked out from Lucy to William. Every kid needs a slinky, right? Found at Walgreens for $3.49.


1. Onesies

Again, combining needs with gifts. She is only 8 months after all. I found a pack of five white short-sleeve onesies and a pack of four white long-sleeve onesies at Carter's for $24 combined (originally $48 combined). I couldn't find these online anywhere. Sorry!

2. Socks

I found the good kind that don't fall off at Old Navy for $5.50 for a pack of three. But they were all out of the girl colors on my trip to MOA. So I found these similar ones at Nordstrom's for $7 for a pack of two.

3. Sippy Cups

Lucy's getting ready to start drinking from a cup but all she has for sippy cups are the blue and green hand-me-downs from her big brother. So I bought some cute pink and purple ones at Target for around $5 for two. I love the Nuby brand when they are first starting out.

4. Board/Lift-the-Flap Books

Unfortunately, at our house, lift-the-flap books really can't be handed down. After years of page-turning William has ruined nearly all the flaps. I'm OK with that though. It means he's gotten a lot out of his books in his three short years. So I bought Lucy a new one all for her own. I like In the Jungle by Igloo Publications. Lots of things to spin, lift and pull!

5. Music and Lights Butterfly

We have about one thousand and one of these types of toys. But this is what William picked out for his present to Lucy so I agreed. We bought ours at Walgreens for under $5. I couldn't find one that cheap online but here's one listed for $12.99.

Combined Gifts

1. Beatrix Potter Books

Books are always a great gift but I like to stick to the classics rather than picking one-topic books that can easily be borrowed at the library. I found The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends at Half Price Books. You can also buy it here on

2. Fairy Tale Books

Same reasons as above. My Treasury of Fairy Tales has every fairy tale that comes to mind and then some.

3. Kitchen

Here it is! The big kahuna! I really, really, really wanted to buy those vintage wooden kitchens that you see in all the preschools but then I found out those go for $300 and up. So we settled on this one from Walmart for around $79. (It looks like it's going for quite a bit more now because it's out of stock.) I happily paid the $9 in shipping to not have to drive over there and heave it into our SUV myself.

This is the only gift the kids will get from Santa because I think William is going to be so excited he's not going to care if there are other presents scattered around. I'm hoping that this will relieve a little bit of my stress every evening when it's time for me to make dinner. Instead of William always being at my toes trying to "help" we can now cook together side-by-side.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Bunny

Can you tell it's getting close to Christmas? My posts are getting more and more bare.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Today!

So bummed my flash didn't go off in this picture but you get the point...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grown-Up Girl

Lucy is seven and half months going on 17 and half years.

Seriously. When God was handing out babies I got one that's always months ahead of her actual age.

She's never taken a bottle. Which is fine because I'm here 99% of the time to nurse her. At first I thought she wouldn't take a bottle because she was too used to her mama. But I was wrong. I gave her some watered down juice in a sippy cup the other day and she sucked it down.

Lucy's been sitting up all by herself for weeks now. But she hasn't started crawling yet. At first I thought this was weird. She wants to be a big girl in every other area but she's content to stay in one place?

But then I realized why she wasn't crawling. She's not crawling because she wants to skip that step entirely and go right to walking. She'll stand up while hanging on to something for as long as you let her. Her new tricks include pushing the ottoman across the hardwood floors and letting go with one hand and swinging around to see if anything exciting is happening behind her.

When it was time to start her on solid food I was convinced she didn't like it. She would fuss the entire time I tried to feed her. But after much trial and error I realized she wasn't fussing because she hated solids. She was fussing because she was pissed we were eating turkey and mashed potatoes and noodles and risotto and all she got was some mushed up sweet potatoes with a some oatmeal thrown in.

I've used my baby food grinder once. I've completed an afternoon of pureeing twice. It's pretty much all for not.

So now I make her baby food for dinner out of routine. But mostly she eats whatever we're eating. And most nights she eats her dinner better than her older brother.

Which is why you'll have to forgive me when I skipped ahead a few months, or years, and gave her a cookie after last night's meal.

I know, I know. She IS only seven months. Don't worry. It won't become a regular thing. But gosh darnit. Look how cute she is!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stroller Giveaway

Look at this! Two posts in one day!

It's totally worth it.

So I'm in love with well-built, high-quality, albeit expensive, strollers. Exhibit A, B, C, D and E.

I heart my Phil & Ted's.

And just as cool as Phil & Ted's (in my humble opinion) is the Bumbleride. And guess what? My blogging friend, Stephanie ( is giving one away for FREE!

And the best part is that if you win you can opt for either the single or the double. Although why would you ever get the single? Even if you only have one child you could still use that extra space for your purse, or your lunch, or maybe your husband. Kidding. But you get the point.

So you want to enter? It's easy peasy. Just click here and then leave a meaningful comment about running or strollers or whatever comes to mind after you read her post. Contests ends on Tuesday, December 22 at 11:59 p.m. so scurry on over!

When you win, come on back and thank me for pointing the way. You're welcome.

No Room At The Drive-Inn

Hey! So, remember that part in the Christmas story when those cars showed up?


Not in the story you know?

Well they totally came.

It was a Christmas miracle.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Cradle Robbing Victim

Today Brian turns 28. A whole nine months younger than me. "So what?" I thought when I started dating him. But now I get the big deal. I'm going to turn 29 while he's just beginning to enjoy being 28. And then next year [hold your breath] I'll turn...30...while he still gets to be way back there in his 20s. But I think I'll still keep him.

We had a pretty lowkey day around here but those make for the best birthdays anyway, don't you think?

William got really into planning and getting ready for our "surprise" party. While we were kneeling in the dark of the dining room behind a bunch of balloons he leaned over and whispered to me, "Mommy, this is my favorite party ever!"

You'd have thought someone poured Mexican jumping beans down the kid's pants he was so excited. When Brian walked into the dark house he played his part perfectly.

"Hello?" he called out, "Is anyone here?"

"WE'RE IN HERE, DADDY!" William shouted at the top of his lungs.

He's still learning the full meaning of the word surprise.

I cooked a manly meal full of meat. Perfect for my hubby who sometimes gets stuck with my light and healthy dishes a little too often.

We all donned our party hats, of course. And now that I'm looking at it, it looks like William wasn't the only one to get into the Mexican jumping beans. Lucy looks like she ODed on them too!

Lucy lasted through presents but was spent by the time dessert rolled around so we did baths and then returned to the table.

With all my Christmas cookie making I was sick of baking. Poor Brian. It happens to me every year. But this year I didn't let him down. No, I didn't bake a cake. But I did make creme brulee. It was a nice break from cookies and pretty much all things that include flour.

Now the kids are in bed and my birthday boy is doing what he loves best of all. Ticking the ivories.

Like I said, it was the best kind of birthday day.

Monday, December 14, 2009


At first I felt bad this morning that I didn't get going earlier to make it to the gym before Lucy's morning nap. But then I looked out the window and saw three inches of the white stuff on those sidewalks that are our responsibility per the City of Saint Paul. Love our corner lot but every once in a while it has its downsides.

One and a half hours and one REALLY whiny three-year-old later my back ached and my cheeks were flushed. But I felt good. Accomplished. Every time I saw someone walking their dog past our house I wanted to shout out the door, "Aren't those some nice, clear sidewalks you're walkin' on there?"

But if that wasn't enough to make me feel better about playing hooky to my morning workout this was. A trip to MOA. Mall of America, for you non-locals.

First, you should know two things about me. One, I hate shopping. (Online shopping not included.) And two, more than shopping, I hate malls. And Mall of American being the epitome of malls means it's pretty much my hell on earth. Especially, ESPECIALLY, this time of year.

But it's the closest mall to us and there are just some stores I absolutely must hit during the holiday season. So I chose what I thought would be the quietest time. A Monday night after 7:30 p.m. As it turns out I was correct!

The only thing that slowed me down was this train that I had to stop for just before I hit the interstate.

Some people might think I'm pretty lucky that the closest mall to my house just so happens to be the largest in the country. (OK, wait. Second largest, I guess. Just Googled it. But MOA has more stores. So there.) But it's pretty much a huge pain. You can never just run in to one store, grab your item and get out. And while the parking is always plentiful it's still a huge project.

But for those who ooh and ahh at all things shopping and malls I did snap a picture for you upon my arrival. With some Minnesota flurries to boot.

And this is how you really know if you're still going to be in a good mood at the end of your jaunt. If you can see a walkway from your car you're golden. It means (a) the mall is probably not that busy if you were able to snag this most-sought-after space and (b) you can leave your coat in the car.

And then there's this beautiful sight. Me, briskly walking the halls with barely a soul in view to slow me down. Thanks, MOA. See ya in a year. If I can help it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Little Girlfriend

Are there ever times when you look at your kids (or grandkids, as the case may be) and feel like you might die because you just can't stand how cute they are?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

C Is For Cookie, Cookie, Cookie

It's almost 8 o'clock and I'm still in my sweats. But it's OK. For one, it's Saturday. And two, I got a ton of things checked off my list regardless. All from the comfort of my own dining room table.

First I signed, sealed, stamped and delivered all my Christmas cards. OK, so I didn't deliver them myself. But I did reach my arm ever so slightly out into the cold air to place them in my mailbox for our postman to retrieve.

Then I did a little Christmas shopping thanks to this modern invention known as the Internets. Crossed four people off my list and helped Santa out a little too. I rock.

Then it was cookie time! Do you do Christmas cookie baking? I try to do five or six batches each year to deliver to neighbors and share with family. I used to think I was hot stuff. The epitome of little Susie Homemaker. You should be so lucky to call me your wife or mother.

But then I read Amy's blog and I was humbled to my knees.

All I have to say is: Wow.

After reading Amy's blog I powered through my feelings of inadequacy and decided I'd still make my sorry little attempt to spread some Christmas cheer.

Last year I shared all six of my Christmas cookie recipes. This year I've already made the standard Nutmeg Sticks that our family is famous for and I plan on making my hubby's favorite, Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps, next week. But I threw out my sugar cookie cut-out recipe because it wasn't great. This year I used my mom's. Dough's in the frig. I'll post more later.

But in the meantime I've GOT to share two amazing new cookie recipes with you. Well, new for me anyway.

The first is the 2008 winner of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest. The baker was featured on Oprah a few weeks back. And since Pillsbury is a hometown company I had to give it a try. The recipe can be found here but take note that I had trouble finding the Pillsbury refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough. So I made my own! I used the recipe on the back of my Jiffy Creamy Peanut Butter container. If you go the make-your-own-dough route then you should be forewarned that the recipe will make more than 24 cookies so you may want to make extra peanut butter balls.

The second recipe has made my sister-in-law, Nicky, famous. Well famous with my husband anyway. These cookies almost had him begging his brother to swap wives. They're that good.

Since we won't be seeing much of her on Christmas this year, I knew I had to give the cookies a try so my love wouldn't be crying into his eggnog. Here's the recipe and picture of my batch. I hope I did them justice!

Santa Surprise Cookies

2 sticks butter
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup light brown sugar
1 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 to 2 packages Snickers miniatures (I ended up using about 1 1/2 packages. It will vary depending on how big you make your cookies.)
1 bag Dove chocolates

1. Combine first four ingredients
2. Add eggs and vanilla
3. Add flour, baking soda and salt
4. Cover and chill for 2-3 hours
5. Form about a tablespoon of dough around each Snickers miniature, covering completely
6. Bake on an ungreased cookie sheet at 325 for 10-12 minutes
7. Melt chocolate and drizzle over cookies

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fa La La La Ramblings

The clock is ticking...

I need to get in the shower before the kids get up from their nap.

Brian's work Christmas party is tonight and I need to be ready freddy before the kids get up or else it will be a total disaster. I just know it.

My dress is the dryer so it doesn't smell like it's been in a closet for more than a year. Which it has.

So while the dryer is working it's magic I logged on to the computer "quick" to meet my daily posting requirements. But forty minutes later and I'm finally clicking "Create Post."

The emails, emails, emails. Gifts for one set of parents, gifts for the other set. Send a recipe. Get a recipe. Send me copies of the pictures for a frame, please. Oh and don't forget about a Christmas list for the kids. And for Brian's birthday. Oh and maybe a thing or two for yourself. And what's your new address again? I need it for holiday cards. Thanks.

And then there's blogging. Is anyone even reading this? I know I haven't been able to keep up with reading my daily blogs like I tend to do so I don't expect you to be jumping off your to-do list to get to me. But if you are, thanks.

And I'm just wondering, are the holidays easier in the non-snow climates? After our storm this week followed by the extreme drop in temperatures I've been having to add at least 15 minutes to my schedule whenever I need to get out of the door, which, needless to say, is as little as possible. But this morning Lucy needed her second go-round of flu vaccines so out the door we went. Boots, mittens, hats, zip. Potty. Boots off, mittens off, coat off. Repeat. I think I can count this routine as my workout. I'm all about multi-tasking, you know.

Feeling good about knowing there will be wine at the end of my day.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sibling Luv

The other morning my little elves were all nestled on the couch so I snapped this cute photo.

Except one of those elves, who tends to be a bit of a space cadet, wasn't smiling. He wasn't even looking at the camera.

So I got his attention and he said, "What mommy?"

And I said, "I'm trying to take a picture of you and Lucy. Could you look at me and smile please?"

"Oh! Sure, mommy," was his reply.

But he didn't look at the camera.

Or smile.

He did this instead.

I think I like his idea better.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's snowing! I wish I had better pictures for you but it didn't really start coming down until after dark. We raced to get William's snow gear on him so he could get outside for an hour or so. I'm doing the happy dance now but winds are supposed to pick up tomorrow and the predicted windchill is NEGATIVE 20. Ya hear that, Arizona readers? Think of us while you soak in your sun.

And just to prove to you how weird midwest weather really is, my mom, two hours to the north and west, will barely receive a drop of snow while Brian's mom, one and half hours to the east, is in a blizzard warning. We're stuck in the middle with just a meager winter storm warning. How boring!
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