Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grown-Up Girl

Lucy is seven and half months going on 17 and half years.

Seriously. When God was handing out babies I got one that's always months ahead of her actual age.

She's never taken a bottle. Which is fine because I'm here 99% of the time to nurse her. At first I thought she wouldn't take a bottle because she was too used to her mama. But I was wrong. I gave her some watered down juice in a sippy cup the other day and she sucked it down.

Lucy's been sitting up all by herself for weeks now. But she hasn't started crawling yet. At first I thought this was weird. She wants to be a big girl in every other area but she's content to stay in one place?

But then I realized why she wasn't crawling. She's not crawling because she wants to skip that step entirely and go right to walking. She'll stand up while hanging on to something for as long as you let her. Her new tricks include pushing the ottoman across the hardwood floors and letting go with one hand and swinging around to see if anything exciting is happening behind her.

When it was time to start her on solid food I was convinced she didn't like it. She would fuss the entire time I tried to feed her. But after much trial and error I realized she wasn't fussing because she hated solids. She was fussing because she was pissed we were eating turkey and mashed potatoes and noodles and risotto and all she got was some mushed up sweet potatoes with a some oatmeal thrown in.

I've used my baby food grinder once. I've completed an afternoon of pureeing twice. It's pretty much all for not.

So now I make her baby food for dinner out of routine. But mostly she eats whatever we're eating. And most nights she eats her dinner better than her older brother.

Which is why you'll have to forgive me when I skipped ahead a few months, or years, and gave her a cookie after last night's meal.

I know, I know. She IS only seven months. Don't worry. It won't become a regular thing. But gosh darnit. Look how cute she is!


  1. John and Magdalene are/were the same way. No mushed up, pureed food for them. Oh no. John also has demanded dessert since he could manage an M&M. You should see his legs kick when he knows dinner is over. Yep. I'm that mom. The mom who gives her baby pretty much whatever. It has gotten me a few strange looks and rude glances, but John seems to be doing just fine.

    I'm glad Lucy loved her cookie. She certainly seems really excited about it. Super cute.

  2. V-e-r-r-y interesting! Have you ever considered that when the mysteriously dark Dr. Wood (mwa-ha-ha-ha) performed surgery on Lucy, he secretly implanted a bionic chip that will allow her to leap tall buildings in a single bound and stop bullets with her teeth?

    Have you considered that you are now raising a bionic Wunderkinder,a wonder child destined to save the world and stop global warming?? It’s possible. I saw it on "Heroes."

  3. Sounds like we have similar philosophies when it comes to feeding our little ones.

    Oh, and my 9M-old is the same way about bottles. She's never had one, but she can drink out of cups like a pro.


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