Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Faves of 2009

I might have thought it was funny. Or sentimental. Or just cute. But whatever the reason here's a list of my top ten favorite posts of 2009.

10. Food For My Soul

Let's start out with a touching moment, shall we? I look at this and can't believe how little they both look. Then I look at the date and can't believe it's only seven months ago. Today the sibling love is stronger than ever and SO MUCH FUN to watch.

9. Motherly Sacrifices

When I was seven months pregnant with Lucy I slipped and fell on the ice. Here I reflect on why mothers, pregnant or not, need to slow down a bit. It's a good reminder for all of us.

8. No Room At The Drive-Inn

This one is just plain funny. If you were a stranger entering my home you would have to look no further than this scene to say with 100% certainty that a little boy lives in this house.

7. The Best Proof He Got More Daddy Genes Than Mommy Genes

This video was shot almost a whole year ago. I can say with full certainty that he has not changed. He's still our little performer with an itch for all things music.

6. I'll Take Two Please

Life with two kids is full. But here is where I realize that for me, full means more fulfilling.

5. Feelings and Attitude

This one is pretty raw. It was just after we learned of Lucy's diagnosis and I didn't hold anything back. It turned out to be great therapy tool for me.

4. Dear Lucy,

Here I reflect on Lucy's three-month birthday. How is it that I began the year with one two-year-old and ended it with one three-year-old and one eight-month-old? If feels like I've been living this life for ages.

3. This One's For My Dad

He's still on my mind more than he's not. Still can't believe he's been gone for fifteen years.

2. Soaking It In

William gives me a lot of grief day in and day out. But no matter what kind of day I've had, I have a hard time reading through this post without getting tears in my eyes.

1. Lucy's Story

With all that's happened this year, and A LOT has happened, 2009 will always be remembered first and foremost as the year our lovely little Lucy entered our family. Here is her birth story.

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