Saturday, December 5, 2009

I ♥ The Twin Cities

I have a hot date with the hubby tonight. Our first Christmas party of the season! William's having a slumber party with Uncle JoJo. Lucy's crashing with her cousin Sally, although I doubt she'll notice since we're not leaving until after she's asleep.

There's hostess gifts to buy, wines to pick out and appetizers to make. There's no time to spare.

So in the meantime I'll leave you with a link to a blog post from a woman who was on a book tour and stopped through Minneapolis. She writes about staying at the W in the Foshay Tower. I always think it's interesting to hear what out-of-towners have to say about our pride and joy especially when they don't have a hidden agenda. If you're from this lovely, albeit, cold state you'll enjoy reading what she has to say here.

Have you stayed at any of the fancy dancy hotels in the Twin Cities? There's a surprisingly large number of them popping up!

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  1. We actually stayed in that room in April after a fundraiser my hubby's school had at Solero. We were given it from a friend with a connection. It was heaven! I had Cyprian who was only 3 months old and they provided a crib and cooed at him each time they saw him.
    I even took him to the bar and up on the observation deck. You have to go the bar there sometime and order the drink "Behind the Green Door." It would make a great date night.


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