Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Cradle Robbing Victim

Today Brian turns 28. A whole nine months younger than me. "So what?" I thought when I started dating him. But now I get the big deal. I'm going to turn 29 while he's just beginning to enjoy being 28. And then next year [hold your breath] I'll turn...30...while he still gets to be way back there in his 20s. But I think I'll still keep him.

We had a pretty lowkey day around here but those make for the best birthdays anyway, don't you think?

William got really into planning and getting ready for our "surprise" party. While we were kneeling in the dark of the dining room behind a bunch of balloons he leaned over and whispered to me, "Mommy, this is my favorite party ever!"

You'd have thought someone poured Mexican jumping beans down the kid's pants he was so excited. When Brian walked into the dark house he played his part perfectly.

"Hello?" he called out, "Is anyone here?"

"WE'RE IN HERE, DADDY!" William shouted at the top of his lungs.

He's still learning the full meaning of the word surprise.

I cooked a manly meal full of meat. Perfect for my hubby who sometimes gets stuck with my light and healthy dishes a little too often.

We all donned our party hats, of course. And now that I'm looking at it, it looks like William wasn't the only one to get into the Mexican jumping beans. Lucy looks like she ODed on them too!

Lucy lasted through presents but was spent by the time dessert rolled around so we did baths and then returned to the table.

With all my Christmas cookie making I was sick of baking. Poor Brian. It happens to me every year. But this year I didn't let him down. No, I didn't bake a cake. But I did make creme brulee. It was a nice break from cookies and pretty much all things that include flour.

Now the kids are in bed and my birthday boy is doing what he loves best of all. Ticking the ivories.

Like I said, it was the best kind of birthday day.


  1. Happy Birthday Brian!

    Justin, Kati, and the rest.

  2. I'm lovin' Lucy's smile in that first picture. She really is beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your husband. Sounds like his "surprise party" was pretty wonderful.


  3. Happy birthday, Brian!! Those are the best kinds of birthdays!!

  4. Jenny - I know the craddle robbing feeling. I'm 31 and Brian won't be 29 until Jan. Yikes!

    Happy Birthday, Nash!

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