Monday, December 14, 2009


At first I felt bad this morning that I didn't get going earlier to make it to the gym before Lucy's morning nap. But then I looked out the window and saw three inches of the white stuff on those sidewalks that are our responsibility per the City of Saint Paul. Love our corner lot but every once in a while it has its downsides.

One and a half hours and one REALLY whiny three-year-old later my back ached and my cheeks were flushed. But I felt good. Accomplished. Every time I saw someone walking their dog past our house I wanted to shout out the door, "Aren't those some nice, clear sidewalks you're walkin' on there?"

But if that wasn't enough to make me feel better about playing hooky to my morning workout this was. A trip to MOA. Mall of America, for you non-locals.

First, you should know two things about me. One, I hate shopping. (Online shopping not included.) And two, more than shopping, I hate malls. And Mall of American being the epitome of malls means it's pretty much my hell on earth. Especially, ESPECIALLY, this time of year.

But it's the closest mall to us and there are just some stores I absolutely must hit during the holiday season. So I chose what I thought would be the quietest time. A Monday night after 7:30 p.m. As it turns out I was correct!

The only thing that slowed me down was this train that I had to stop for just before I hit the interstate.

Some people might think I'm pretty lucky that the closest mall to my house just so happens to be the largest in the country. (OK, wait. Second largest, I guess. Just Googled it. But MOA has more stores. So there.) But it's pretty much a huge pain. You can never just run in to one store, grab your item and get out. And while the parking is always plentiful it's still a huge project.

But for those who ooh and ahh at all things shopping and malls I did snap a picture for you upon my arrival. With some Minnesota flurries to boot.

And this is how you really know if you're still going to be in a good mood at the end of your jaunt. If you can see a walkway from your car you're golden. It means (a) the mall is probably not that busy if you were able to snag this most-sought-after space and (b) you can leave your coat in the car.

And then there's this beautiful sight. Me, briskly walking the halls with barely a soul in view to slow me down. Thanks, MOA. See ya in a year. If I can help it.


  1. Im not a fan of moa either,i think weve maybe been there twice since it opened.Give me a trusty computer for on line shopping ,anyday.Nancy

  2. So happy to discover another non-shopper. Let's just say that malls are so *not* my favorite places. They're crowded. They're commercial. They're germ-y. Etc.

    I much prefer to shop online...or not at all. ;)


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