Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over the River and Through the Blizzard

Well, you know it's bad when the weatherman is so excited to make his forecast that he seems high.

That's the situation we're in here, folks.

Twelve to twenty (you heard me) inches are forecasted right in the middle of where we need to drive for Christmas. The storm starts? Christmas Eve morning. The storm ends? Saturday morning. If we're lucky.

So we made the decision to leave for my mom's house two days early to avoid the risk of spending Christmas alone. Which, wouldn't be a bad thing. Kind of fun, actually. But I'm sure we'd get bored.

This morning they were comparing this storm with the Halloween Storm of '91. I remember that storm vividly. I was ten years old. My dad wore his deer-hunting suit to take us trick-or-treating. My sister slipped and fell in Ackerman's driveway spilling her bucket of candy everywhere. When my dad was finished snowblowing the driveway the snowbanks reached well above his head.

Sure, storms are pain. Things get cancelled. Roads are treacherous. The clean-up is a mess.

But if you're all safe and sound and snug as a bug at home it makes for fun, lasting memories. (Sidenote: The Minnesota news always likes to report a baby boom nine months from the time a winter storm hits. Hehe...)

I think someday William and Lucy will ask me about the Christmas Storm of 2009. And I'll say, "Oh yes, you were three, William and it was your first Christmas, Lucy! You were only 8 months. Daddy and I decided to leave for Grandma's house early so we packed up the car and..."

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  1. I can't believe the snow storm is on wikipedia! ha! Only in Minnesooooota, don't cha know. lol


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