Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's snowing! I wish I had better pictures for you but it didn't really start coming down until after dark. We raced to get William's snow gear on him so he could get outside for an hour or so. I'm doing the happy dance now but winds are supposed to pick up tomorrow and the predicted windchill is NEGATIVE 20. Ya hear that, Arizona readers? Think of us while you soak in your sun.

And just to prove to you how weird midwest weather really is, my mom, two hours to the north and west, will barely receive a drop of snow while Brian's mom, one and half hours to the east, is in a blizzard warning. We're stuck in the middle with just a meager winter storm warning. How boring!

1 comment:

  1. Negative 20. Brrr. My knees are knocking just thinking of it.

    Although snow is wondrous and white and magical in its own way, I don't envy your weather.

    I much prefer our 60 degree temps. ;)

    Truth be told, even THAT is a little cold for me. Am I am Arizona girl or what?



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