Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fa La La La Ramblings

The clock is ticking...

I need to get in the shower before the kids get up from their nap.

Brian's work Christmas party is tonight and I need to be ready freddy before the kids get up or else it will be a total disaster. I just know it.

My dress is the dryer so it doesn't smell like it's been in a closet for more than a year. Which it has.

So while the dryer is working it's magic I logged on to the computer "quick" to meet my daily posting requirements. But forty minutes later and I'm finally clicking "Create Post."

The emails, emails, emails. Gifts for one set of parents, gifts for the other set. Send a recipe. Get a recipe. Send me copies of the pictures for a frame, please. Oh and don't forget about a Christmas list for the kids. And for Brian's birthday. Oh and maybe a thing or two for yourself. And what's your new address again? I need it for holiday cards. Thanks.

And then there's blogging. Is anyone even reading this? I know I haven't been able to keep up with reading my daily blogs like I tend to do so I don't expect you to be jumping off your to-do list to get to me. But if you are, thanks.

And I'm just wondering, are the holidays easier in the non-snow climates? After our storm this week followed by the extreme drop in temperatures I've been having to add at least 15 minutes to my schedule whenever I need to get out of the door, which, needless to say, is as little as possible. But this morning Lucy needed her second go-round of flu vaccines so out the door we went. Boots, mittens, hats, zip. Potty. Boots off, mittens off, coat off. Repeat. I think I can count this routine as my workout. I'm all about multi-tasking, you know.

Feeling good about knowing there will be wine at the end of my day.


  1. I'm reading daily friend... and sometimes it's one of the better parts of my day. :)

  2. Don't worry Jenny. I'll read.

  3. I'm reading . . . I'm reading!! And I enjoy your posts. You give me hope that the next generation is raising its kids the right way, the loving way, the best way.

  4. People you don´t even know read your blog, like me. Don´t be creeped out. I got the link to your blog from my cousin Laura´s iPhone blog. I live in Germany and enjoy reading your blog to get my daily dose of good old American wholesomeness.

  5. I read you too ,Jenny every day,its fun to see you juggleing to get it all done and you do!Ypo are an inspiration to us all to stay motivated,Love, Nancy

  6. You know I'm reading you, too! (And so does Casey, although he NEVER will leave a comment...and we faithfully read about Lucy on her blog, too!)

  7. Of course I'm reading, silly! I totally love your raw, real posts...and I wish we lived close enough to get together for a glass of wine and some good conversation.


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