Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas Day! Does your family celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas? If you don't know about this lovely tradition click here to read more.

I grew up celebrating this holiday and it was always an unexpected treat in this season when it seems the only end goal is Christmas Day. My siblings and I would get up early for school just like any other day. We would drowsily go through the morning routine of getting dressed, eating breakfast and brushing our teeth. We'd gather up our backpacks, put on our coats and then we'd slip our feet in our shoes. Surprise! St. Nick had left treats of candy and chocolate.

St. Nicholas visited our home during naptime and brought William this. St. Nick, what were you thinking?! A three-year-old and an edible house? This is gonna be messy. Pictures to follow no doubt.

1 comment:

  1. You know - I really like this idea. Maybe we'll incorporate it somehow in future years. After all, who wouldn't want to wake up and find treats in their shoes? So Fun!


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