Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here we have my brother Joey, or Uncle Jo-Jo as he's more commonly called around here, with his diploma from the Minnesota School of Bartending. This will help him work and make money at night while he goes to school during the day.

And also we have William with his paint project from his little mommy and me class, a.k.a., "school." This will help him learn that mixing yellow and blue together makes green.

Two accomplishments and a big step forward for each.

P.S. I HATE how the teacher wrote "Will's" instead of "William's." There's nothing wrong with the name Will but my William is clearly not a Will. Every time she calls him William he says, "No, I just William." She laughs. But I want to say, "No, really, he's just William."


  1. Agreed. William. Definately.

    I hate it when people try to use nicknames for my kids. Especially ones they have never heard me use.

  2. Absolutely he is a William and nothing else. And the same goes for James, Kati. I tend to think that people should take a cue from what the parents call their own dear children. If someone happens to shorten their name and the child says something, then case closed; that's what they wish to be called.
    It may be a lost cause for Dominic with my family because people insist on calling him Dom. Urg. Mark and I never call him that. Perhaps if I taught him to say, "No, it's just Dominic," it could change. Although maybe it doesn't bother Dominic to be called Dom...but really Dom? Dominic is so much nicer...but maybe I'm just making too much of a fuss.

  3. Ha! Is my dad your Mommy and Me teacher? He is notorious for shortening everybody's name. It drives my family crazy...doesn't shorten anybody's name in our family of course, just anyone else' David or Jonathan is safe...


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