Thursday, June 28, 2007

First Full Day

Today is my first full day as an official non-working, stay-at-home mom. Yesterday I turned in my laptop, my security badge and handed HR my resignation letter. Now that I'm no longer working part-time from home, I'm making good on a promise I made to Brian. I'm going to start writing again. I also think this blog can double as a great way to keep family and friends updated on William. I already use Shutterfly and YouTube so much, I might as well keep it all contained on one site.

I didn't realize I missed writing so much until I went to RibFest in Alexandria, my hometown. An odd place for an epiphany, I agree. My mom and I happened to run in to my fourth grade teacher. She was very excited to see William and eager to hold him. While she was holding him she started talking to him and said, "Your mom was such a good writer!" My mom was amazed that she remembered this 16 years after I was in her classroom. My mom convinced me that clearly I hadn't capitalized on this love and talent I had been given.

So here I am. I tried this once before when I was pregnant but I didn't get a lot of traffic (mostly because I didn't tell anyone about it) and I wasn't 100% committed. I had a lot going on, namely, a demanding job and a new baby on the way. Well, the baby is here and the job is gone. I hope this can be my ever so small contribution to the world.

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