Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Latest Obsession: eBay

On Saturday, while we were setting up our tree and other Christmas decorations, I was going through the closet under our stairs. One of the major downfalls of our cute, but tiny, house is that we don't have a basement. So when it comes to storage (and you know you need a lot of it once a baby arrives) this is where all Nash miscellaneous items go to die or be forgotten.

As I was going through the Christmas bins I decided to tackle the whole closet and reorganize. I found a lot of good stuff back there that has never been used. There were a few wedding presents that were still brand new in their boxes! Now that we've gone almost a whole year on one income I have suddenly been able to realize a money-making situations when I see one. It's the type of situation that I may have previously overlooked when we had more than enough income coming in.

I thought to myself, "I bet there are people out there who would pay good money for this stuff that we never use and is only taking up precious storage space."

Being December and the fact that we live in the snow-covered Tundra, it's not very feasible to have a garage sale. So I posted a bunch of these items on eBay. To date I've already made $76.97 on five items. If you're interested in some of my items, my username on eBay is btnash75.

And eBay isn't only good for selling items. It's a great place to find namebrand merchandise at super cheap prices. Some of the listed items are even brand new with the tags still on. Lately I've been hunting for a pair of holiday pajamas for William. Why spend the outrageous prices that stores like the Gap are asking for when I know the clothes won't fit him in another couple of months? One of my best purchases so far is a pair of Stride Rite shoes that retail for $49. I bought them on eBay for $16!

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  1. Hey Jenny...another thrifty hint for time you're up in this neck of the woods...there's tons of kid shops at the outlet mall! stride rite, carters, gap, gymboree, children's's great to have so close! They are way cheaper than the 'regular' stores...I get a lot of Izzy's shoes at Stride Rite for about $15! And call if you do come...we're only 4 miles from there and would love an excuse to join you shopping! :)


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