Friday, February 29, 2008

Week In Review

I may have been fooling some of you this week but I haven't been fooling myself with all these small, lazy posts. I realize that posting a video that was shot last week probably doesn't count as a thoughtful or meaningful writing piece. But we've been busy! And even if our day consisted of just one outing, well that one outing tends to be a lot of work and subsequently throws my whole routine off. Here's what we've been up to:

Monday: We all got haircuts at my friend Jami's house. She is a hairstylist and graciously gives us a much-discounted rate to cut our hair and help me out with my color. Unfortunately she lives on almost the exact opposite side of the metro from us so it's quite a journey.

Tuesday: We had our ECFE class as we normally do. Afterward I swung by my sister-in-law's house so that William could run around the house and play with his cousins. Even though his cousins are only a few months difference in age on both ends, his favorite playmate is their dog Kali.

Wednesday: We headed into our clinic for William's 15-month check up. His weight (23 lbs, 10 oz) and height (31 and some odd inches) are right on track. But I was surprised to find out that he was harboring a double ear infection! He gave me absolutely no indication of this. Unfortunately this led to a very unpleasant trip to Target Pharmacy to pick up his antibiotic prescription. William was tired and hungry and the pharmacy took their sweet time getting the medication to me. One and a half hours to be exact. Now, I will be the first to tell you that Target is one of my favorite places on Earth but how much can you really enjoy it with a cranky one-year-old, you know?

Thursday: As I do at least once every couple of months I headed to downtown Minneapolis to have lunch with my former coworkers. Brian's office is just a couple of blocks from where we met so he gladly took William for about an hour and paraded him around his office. I was also able to swing by Macy's and pick up some cosmetics and William's SUPER-cute Easter outfit.

Friday: Well today we have no outings planned which is why I'm able to write this! I'm looking forward to a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

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