Thursday, April 8, 2010

Like A Bean Pole

Check out my vegetable garden! Patience does pay off indeed. And with Minnesota temps averaging 10 to 20 degrees above normal every single day, these little guys will be in the ground in no time.

But that's not the only thing sprouting up around here. Either that or there's a flood coming that I wasn't informed about.

I had William try these on the day before Easter. Yeah I'm real good at preparing in advance.

"They're perfect!" He announced, wanting to go back to sword fighting or muscle poses or whatever it was that I so rudely interrupted. No time for something a petty as an Easter outfit. Such is a boy's world.


  1. He's getting so tall & so big! Age three is so fun, isn't it? I'm absolutely lovin' it!

  2. You're kids are so cute, don't they grow so fast!
    How is your gardening going? I would love to help you with any questions you have. I'm excited for you to start gardening. It's like watching someone read Narnia for the first time...many beauties await you!


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