Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Have the Best Family Day Ever

First, you need a pretty big snowstorm.

This is our street.  Not even kidding.  It was almost 70 degrees three days ago.
And that snowstorm has to be be somewhat unexpected.

They said we might get anywhere from a dusting to a couple of inches.  We were just shy of a foot.
Next, when the kids get out of bed and are so excited to see all the snow that you hope they don't wet themselves, you will need to dig through every closet in your home to find any snow gear that might fit.  Seeing as it was 68 degrees just a few days ago, you will be totally unprepared.
William's old snowsuit and non-waterproof boots and mittens.  At least the hat was pink.  A snowsuit's a snowsuit, right?  I may just use this for her all year long.
You'll need some sleds.
And a shoveling husband. (The snow will be much too wet and heavy for that fancy, dancy snowblower you've got.)
You'll need a snowball fight.

And booger noses.

And a giant snowman.

The tears indicate we may have pushed lunch/nap just a hare too far.
And finally, this is the important one, to make sure you have a really, really, really good family day, you must lose your electricity for the entire day and night.
A real, wood-burning fireplace will help.  As will a board game and some hot coffee.

You will eat dinner at the bar just down the street since all of your dinner options require an oven or a stove.  And you're too scared to light your gas stove with a match.

And when you return from dinner you will use the one flashlight with working batteries to help light all the candles in the house.

The battery in your camera will have died by now with no way to charge it.

You will dress the kids in layers for bed and snuggle them in under down comforters.

You will come downstairs to find your husband making you a cocktail.  And just as he begins to stir it you will hear the familiar whir start up again.  And the clocks will blink 12:00.  And some lights will pop on.  And you will sigh.  A sad sigh.  Because it was all kind of fun.

So you will turn off those lights.  You will take your cocktail and sit in front of the fireplace.  You will leave the television off and the candles lit.  And you will finish your game of Monopoly.  And then you will go to bed, shut your eyes and start replaying the events of one of the best days you can remember in a long, long time.

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