Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Two-Year-Old

My two-year-old is extremely stylish.  She will put on and wear anything that has to do with being like a princess.
My two-year-old especially loves shoes.  But she hates her tennis shoes.  After I put on a pair of her Maryjane's, she will promptly run around outside and play in the mud like a tomboy. 
My two-year-old does not have a food that appears in a "dislike" column.  She is not a big breakfast or lunch-eater but she devours second and sometimes third helpings for dinner.

My two-year-old also has a to-die-for metabolism.  However, I was excited to learn this week that she has jumped from the tenth to twentieth percentile in weight for her age category.  She also jumped from the 65th to 85th in height.  She might just be walking a runway some day.

My two-year-old has a HUGE sweet tooth. Her favorite?  Cock-let.  Oh get your head out of the gutter.  That's her word for chocolate.  She doesn't yet know her colors but she can spot an M&M's package from a mile away yelling, "MMs! MMs! MMs!" when we're at the grocery store.
My two-year-old does not discriminate between her mommy or her daddy and she rarely, if ever, has any separation anxiety.  Except in the morning.  Then it's all about Dad.  "Daddy hold you."  "Go work with Daddy."  "Go see Daddy." 
My two-year-old has the verbal language of a three-year-old.  She will repeat and remember just about any word or phrase you tell her. 
MOST of the time my two-year-old has a sweet and carefree personality.  But when she doesn't, watch out.  She will not be talked or persuaded into anything.  (I kind of like this about her.)

My two-year-old likes toys a lot more than her older brother.  She is also much better at playing quietly by herself.

My two-year-old doesn't really like television.  Except for Sesame Street.  She will watch Sesame Street from start to finish without disruption.

My two-year-old goes to bed like a breeze.  And she sleeps from 7:30 to 8:30 almost every single day.

But my two-year-old is a picky sleeper.  She must have her pig pillow, nukie, Jellycat Bunny and blankie or she will not go to sleep.  She also does not like sleeping in the car or at anyone else's house except her own.

My two-year-old is a crazy light sleeper.  One creak in the floor boards and she's standing up.  She also still wakes up in the middle of the night at least once (usually more) per week.  But she goes back to sleep easily after one sip of water and being covered up again.

My two-year-old's favorite books are "Olivia" and "Harold and Purple Crayon."  I love the way she pronounces Olivia, "O-lib-ya."

My two-year-old's favorite activities are singing, dancing and anything to do with being outside.

My two-year-old does not walk. She prances.  And when she falls, as prancers often do, she hops up quickly and declares, "I'm OK!"

My two-year-old has cheeks the size of Texas.  And every one comments on them.  I hope they never go away.  I'm sure she might hope otherwise when she gets older.

My two-year-old truly lights up my life.  Contrary to what others might say, two really is my most favorite age.  Frustrating, for sure, but a thousand times more hilarious, sweet and can't-stand-it cuteness.

Happy Birthday to my Little Lucy Girl!

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