Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes [9.28.12]

1. I've been away from the blog for a while. We came back from Boston on Sunday and were instantly swooped back into the grind. But things are good. The days go by fast and are full of to-dos. I went through all day yesterday thinking that it was Tuesday and that I still had plenty of the week ahead of me to knock out a couple of blog posts. But alas, Friday is already upon me.

I spend one day a week deep cleaning the house. But I've realized that even with a whole day set aside I still spend at least 80% of my time tidying up. Sometimes I loathe my mother for these genes she gave me that insist my home remain clean and clutter-free. I would have so much more time on my hands if everything didn't need to be in its place. But deep down I know this part of me is a gift. It's what has allowed us to have four kids in six years and still be able to pass as "having it together."

2. Brian and I were in Boston together last week and it was fantastic to get away for a few days. On Friday, while Brian was off on some client meetings, I slept in until 9:30! Then I went downstairs and ate breakfast at the hotel's buffet while I read the whole newspaper. It felt weird to say "table for one." There was a time not too long ago when I would have never dared enter a restaurant to eat by my lonesome. And now it feels like such a treat!

On Saturday we wandered through all the touristy spots. And if I had pictures I would show them to you. But I don't. It just wasn't that kind of trip. We walked at a leisurely pace with no real agenda. We were happy to see what we came upon and didn't really care if we missed something. We were just happy to be together.
The one self portrait I took of us.  With an old burying ground as a backdrop.
3. I am in my third trimester. Seven months pregnant. Can you believe it?! I can't believe it, but I sure do feel it. Clunky would be the best description of how I feel. I started a prenatal water aerobics class with another friend who is also pregnant. And after we got through the giggles of how matronly we felt in our grandma suits doing grandma-like exercises, we both agreed that the class did make us feel really good. I did water aerobics regularly when I was pregnant with Lucy and that pregnancy still remains as the best shape I was in while carrying a child. Here's hoping it works again.

4. Of course, the big thing I have looming over me every single day as I plow through our routine is Lucy's upcoming surgery. At first I thought about waiting to do the surgery until after Number Four is born but I quickly realized that was the dumbest idea I ever had. Waiting until Number 4 is born would save us hundreds of dollars because of some insurance loopholes. (Health insurance is so complicated!) But I don't think the money can justify the added stress of caring for a newborn while also trying to care for my three-year-old in the hospital and at home.

The doctor had some October dates available but I didn't want her to miss her preschool field trip to the apple orchard. And I didn't want it to be too close to Katherine's birthday because she's already going to get the short end of everything for the rest of her life. And I didn't want it to be too close to Halloween. So her surgery is scheduled for the morning of November 12. We're crossing our fingers that it will be limited to a one-night hospital stay and that her recovery will be super fast.

I hate to say it but of all my children, I'm glad this is happening to Lucy. She's the strongest little lady I know and her pain tolerance is crazy high. Except when I'm brushing her hair. What's up with that? I know she'll be just fine. But, as always, prayers are appreciated.

5. Yesterday I caught Katherine standing alone unassisted.  Of course, by the time I grabbed my camera she wouldn't do it anymore.  But I still got this cute shot.
Her development is so funny to me because it's the exact opposite of my other two.  She's very physical and super strong.  But she hardly talks at all.  William and Lucy could rattle off a ton of crystal clear words by the time their first birthday rolled around.  But neither of them walked until 14 or 15 months.  It's so funny how things shake out.  I can't help but wonder if Katherine is who she is because of her birth order or if these developments are just who she is no matter what her environment.  It's my inner psych minor coming out.

6. Ever since starting Kindergarten William's new bedtime has been 6:30.  And he sleeps soundly until 7:00 or later.  He's always been one who needs a lot of sleep to function properly.  But an unforeseen casualty of his exhaustion is that he has started to wet the bed a few times a week.  This is something he hasn't done in years.  My heart weeps for him because he's so ashamed of this even though we tell him over and over that it isn't his fault.

But fault or not, I'm really getting sick of washing his sheets all week long. He sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk beds so stripping and making his bed is no easy task.  Last night I made him wear a Pull-Up and felt the guilt pile up as he almost started crying because "everyone would think he was a baby."  I told him it would be our little secret and he quickly rushed up to bed so that Lucy wouldn't see.  First thing this morning he ripped that thing off and pretended like it never happened.

What's a mom to do?  Please tell me this phase is short and that his body will quickly adjust to his new sleep pattern.

7.  We are Brian-less this weekend.  We have activities planned so the weekend should go by quickly.  And I'm praying everyone sleeps through both nights.  (I'm looking at you, Katherine!)  It's the last time Brian will be away from home until the baby comes.  I can do this.

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