Thursday, June 6, 2013

First Day, Last Day

This is the most scrapbook-y I've ever been in my life.  This week I captured both of the kids on their last day of school in the same location that I took their first day of school photos.  Score one for the mama of too-much-else-to-do.
The changes are subtle to everyone else, I'm sure.  But I see it.  The loss of more baby fat.  The extra inches up.  And, of course, the worn knees in his uniform pants. (Not the same pants, by the way. He grew through two sizes in a year!)
Her changes are more obvious, no?  So grown up!  I no longer have to coax her into sitting still for a photo. I don't have to make her laugh to get a good smile.  Same size dress albeit a little shorter on the right.  A shoe a size and half up.  Less cheeks.  More hair.  Spunk unchanged.
And then there's this blue-eyed guy, who was still incubating way back in September.  Oh the time...

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