Thursday, January 23, 2014

Live Blogging Thoughts on a Closed Day of School

It's the third day of closed schools in two weeks.  And that doesn't include the day off for MLK Day. It doesn't fair well in this household that thrives on routine.

William is Snap Circuiting.  My coffee is lukewarm.  The girls are in the basement slamming doors.  Bobby is boycotting his morning nap.  Every single pillow and blanket is off the couch and on the floor.  It's driving me crazy.

The Snap Circuit project isn't working.  I can't figure it out.  Katherine just came upstairs with the light saber and is attacking every wall.  Now she dropped the light saber and is screaming "PLEASE MOMMY!" But I have no idea what she's asking for.

Just realized Kate is screaming because Sesame Street was paused on the DVR.  I'm pressing play because I need to eat breakfast in peace.

This Snap Circuit project is really bugging me.  Why isn't it working?  I'm starting over.

Putting Snap Circuits away.  I don't have enough brain cells.  Sesame Street for the seven-year-old too.  Eating my favorite cereal, Cracklin Oat Bran.

Gymnastics are happening in the living room.  I'm reminding the kids AGAIN if they want to do that they can go in the basement.  No one is listening to me.  No one.

It's negative 14 degrees in case you were wondering.  Not windchill.  ACTUAL temperature. Windchill is negative 30.  NBD.

Five minute penalty for jumping on the couch.

Another five minute penalty.
I have to go wake up Bobby.  I hate doing this.  But if I don't stick to his schedule he won't sleep at night.  And I typically like to sleep at night.

Bobby was fast asleep with poop in his pants. Poor baby.
I put William to work putting away laundry and making his bed while Kate went and undid everything he did.  It's a good thing two-year-olds are cute because they sure are terrorists.

Best toy for all ages and both genders: matchbox cars.

I wonder what I should make for lunch?  I could go for the standard sammies and fruit and yogurt or I could really be winning and make the kids' favorite, baked oatmeal.

I folded the blankets and reassembled the pillows on the couch.  I feel better now.

William is carrying Bobby around like a roll of carpet. These are the things you don't consider when there's six years between siblings.

I decided to go with the baked oatmeal.  Here's the recipe I use: 2 cups oats, 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons melted butter, 1 cup (+/-) fresh or frozen berry fruit.  Mix together all ingredients and spread into a greased square baking dish.  Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

How do I get off the Enlargement Supplement email list?  Because we're all set over here.

Katherine is obsessed with a stick of butter I've got softening on the radiator for banana bread.  She thinks it's cheese.

The kids are devouring the oatmeal. I'm playing "Beast of Burden" on my phone to boost my mood.  I'm obsessed with this song lately.

I should have doubled the oatmeal recipe.

Rest time.  I've got three of the four in their "spots."  It's just me and B-man for a little while.

I love it when Bobby sways to the music in his high chair.  Like he can't even help himself.  He was born with this innate need to move to a beat.

Also the little curls in his blonde locks are TO DIE FOR.  We're getting very close to mullet territory but I don't care.  You can't make me cut it.

Remember at the end of August when Minneapolis called schools off due to the heat because the schools aren't equipped with air conditioners?  That's super hilarious and ironic now.  Come to Minnesota if you want to experience all the weather extremes.  And yet, despite the elements, still the fittest city in the country.  Rock on, Twin Cities.

Some Arizona reporter, who didn't agree with the Twin Cities being the fittest city, wondered what good all those bike trails did if we could only use them for half of the year.  That's why you're not number one, Arizona.  You're not creative enough.  Cross country skiing, sled-pulling paths, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and yes, they even make snow tires for bikes.  We also possess the ability to plow and shovel, you know.

But seriously, Arizona, I'd still hop a plane to visit you right now so we're all good.

Bobby just pinched his finger in a door.  I tried to make him feel better with a sip of milk but the cap wasn't on tight.  Whoever said there's no use crying over spilled milk didn't have four kids at home in the frozen tundra.

Just raided the See Kai Run friends & family sale to stock up on shoes for the kiddos.  I love that brand.

I'm having banana bread for lunch and I'm not sorry for it.

One kid keeps coming out of his rest spot asking me how much more time he has left thus defeating the "rest" purpose.  I'll give you one guess who it is.

Turning on Shark Tale and going upstairs to reassess my outfit of the day.  Is the spandex under sweatpants look still in?


  1. CRACKLIN' OAT BRAN IS SO GOOD. It looks like dog biscuits but is absolutely delectable.

    The only bad thing is that you have to remember to pour less of it than other cereals--that stuff is dense.

  2. Loved this blog! I am so happy to hear that the blankets and pillows off the couch is not only a big annoyance to me... Does it seem they only want to throw them around the room and walk way.. then when you have them picked up they do the same thing again. I am now blasting "BEAST OF BURDEN" trying to find a pick me up after this afternoon in the freezing cold! We are on day 5 of no school and im ready to home school ha ha...


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