Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Nope I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to write complain about the temperature outside.

Not about how it was so cold this morning when William and I left the house that I mistook the actual temperature, which was 16 degrees BELOW zero, for the windchill.

And then when I realized that was the real temperature I was too afraid to even check the windchill because, c'mon, once it gets that cold does it really matter?

Instead I'll talk about how the topic of guns and weapons came up at ECFE during parent time. And that I was pleasantly surprised by the laissez faire attitude with a group that tends to be a little too by-the-textbook for my liking.

I don't promote guns or weapons as toys to William but I am constantly surprised at how, as a boy, he comes up with these things on his own. Like how he fashioned the letter "L" in a set of bath foam alphabet letters into a squirt gun. Very resourceful, young boy. I must say.

And if that doesn't catch your interest maybe you'll find it comical that I couldn't fall asleep last night because I had the Handy Manny theme song in my head.

But that's not really that funny. What's funny is that William has never even watched Handy Manny. Not even once. But somewhere in the recording of Piglet's Big Movie there happens to be a promo for Handy Manny. And out of the hour long recording my head chose to memorize the Handy Manny theme song. Brilliant.

Maybe if neither of those stories have grabbed you to keep reading my blog then at least you can send some understanding comments my way as my two-year-old leaps full force into the terrible twos especially during mass time.

This past Sunday he thought it was appropriate to yell out during the procession of the gifts, "Daddy, I don't like this music. EVER!"

Awesome. We'll put a comment in the comment box for you, William.

And if none of that catches your fancy then you should consider joining in on my 2nd annual American Idol contest. No need to be a viewer of the show to play. In fact I learned about this game from my place of work prior to William being born. That year I watched only a few episodes. I got second place. Ever since I've started watching the show I can't seem to even get above fifth place once it's all over. So actually, not watching the show seems to be some sort of an advantage.

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