Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Yoga

This morning I missed the 10:30 yoga class I had planned on attending.

For three straight days I've been hurrying William through his breakfast routine so that we can run out of the house to get to various meetings and appointments. Every day he's fought me. Either he doesn't want to eat or he doesn't want to get dressed or maybe he just doesn't want to be rushed. Whatever it is, it's been frustrating.

But then I took a look from his perspective. On usual mornings our breakfast routine is done at a leisurely pace. Sometimes we stay in our pajamas until lunchtime. We catch glimpses of Meredith and Matt, Regis and Kelly, Ellen and maybe even an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I sip my coffee and check out the latest happenings on the World Wide Web while he drives his dump trucks in and out of the kitchen. It's a nice thing we've got going.

But on the days when we need to be in the car before 10:00, he is not a happy camper. The thing is though, once we get to where we're going he's always fine. It's just the process of getting him into the car that I find quite maddening especially with below zero temperatures and a burgeoning belly.

And then there was yesterday when I really pushed it. I had a coffee appointment downtown with a friend I've been doing some part time work for. After that we met daddy at his work for lunch. When that was all said and done it was getting close to naptime. But I wanted to squeeze in just one more thing.

A carwash.

Simple enough, right?

Apparently not so in Woodbury, Minnesota.

For weeks the carwash line has been ten cars deep. Brian bought a ticket for the wash but for a week it's gone unused because the line has just been too long. Well, yesterday I realized it was bearable. Only seven cars in line.

[On a side note, do that many people really have an hour to spare to sit in a carwash line? Woodburians need to get a life!]

[Side note number two: If anyone out there wants to open another carwash in Woodbury I'd totally partner with you. It's a sure bet to a gold mine.]

So there I was with a tired two-year-old waiting for a stupid carwash for 45 minutes so that the massive amounts of salt that painted my normally black car white, didn't eat away to the insides.

And so that, my dear readers, is how we ended up having yoga class in our very own living room this morning instead of the fancy dancy gym up the way. I came to realize it wasn't worth fighting with my toddler for the fourth straight day to get out of the house to make my yoga class. I didn't want to put him through it and I thought he deserved a morning break. What a nice mom I am.

Much happier in his pajamas and Cookie Monster slippers.

These days, I think his downward-facing dog pose is better than mine.


  1. The Woodbury BP Amoco will be getting a new car wash (conveyor style) this year. Linn Companies of Woodbury is building it. They have one in Cottage Grove at their location on Hinton Ave if you would like to check it out.

  2. Thanks, Joel. I find it entirely awesome that you found my blog based on my comments about my carwash experience. I'll be sure to check out the new carwash once it's ready!


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