Monday, February 16, 2009

Church or Comedy Hour

In recent months we've been struggling with William's behavior in church. He's either really good or horrifyingly bad. Yesterday, joyously, we experienced the former.

But one constant is the need to persistently remind him to use his quiet voice. Whatever he sees, hears or thinks just pops right out of that mouth for all to hear. And I have to admit that there's been more than one occasion where Brian and I have had to stifle our laughs--the people behind us watching our shoulders shake. Yesterday he gave us two of those occasions.

Our diocese is in the midst of its annual Catholic Services Appeal and yesterday the archbishop spoke to us during the homily via a pre-recorded videotape.

"Who's dat, daddy?"

"Shhh...quiet voice."

[Whispering] "Who's dat, daddy?"

"That's the bishop."

"No! Not bishop. Dat's JESUS!"

", that's our bishop."

"No bishop, daddy. JEEEEESUS!"

I'm sure Archbishop Nienstedt would be flattered.

If William has a favorite part of mass, music is it. He sings even if he doesn't know the words and he loves to watch all the instruments being played in the choir section. He also isn't afraid of busting out his dancing shoes if the spirit moves him. But yesterday he pulled out a new one for us. When the pianist began to play the Lamb of God William turned to Brian.

"What's dat, daddy?"


"Oh. That Phil Collins?"

Yes, William. Genesis is on a reunion tour and they've made a stop at our very own St. Ambrose of Woodbury.

If only his interest in mass could be equal to his knowledge of 80s English pop singers.


  1. Ha! That cracks me up.

    My husband is the one who misbehaves at church. He's always trying to make me laugh and usually it works, much to my dismay.

  2. Today's exchange

    James: God can do what He wants.

    Magdalene: Like Chewbacca!

  3. lol, I love that age! btw, Ashley's vote is girl..she saw the 'floating baby' and said 'oh, that's a girl for sure!' ha!


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