Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Do You Do All Day?

I would also like to add for other borderline OCDers out there that when your child finishes each of his three meals a day looking like this that you will find yourself spending much of your time and energy with a rag in one hand and vacuum in the other.


  1. You can tell woman with the question has never experienced a baby peeing all over the crib and himself while the other two are downstairs. All the while wondering how to keep the older ones out of trouble while the baby is screaming and covered in pee. How does he get a bath and the crib get clean and the middle one get to the toilt for potty training all at the same time? And this just takes up a brief period of one chaotic day with children. And she wonders what we do! Crazy woman.

  2. My daughter is a messy eater too. Cleaning up after meals is always an interesting (and somewhat time-consuming) ordeal...

  3. Yes. Definitely add the cleaning to the list. I clean non-stop. And two of the three meals I make each day are done in stages (first round before kids go off to school, second round for me and the toddler after I work-out).

    I hate to be rude and say this woman is clueless, but, well, she is. You can't imagine the needs of children until you're graced with two or three of them yourself.

    I loved Caroline's answer. What did you think of it?


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