Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doin' It Our Own Way

Does anybody else get annoyed with the breastfeeding Nazis?

I don't mean the people that demand you breastfeed over bottle feed. That's a separate issue.

I'm talking about the Nazis that come into play the moment you declare you're going to be exclusively breastfeeding.

The ones that demand you wake your sleeping baby every two hours to feed. Even if it means keeping that exhausted baby awake by undressing her or tickling her toes.

They also demand keeping that baby latched for a given time on each side. Even if she's not hungry. Or even if she is hungry. Or even if she just needs to satisfy that innate need to suck.

And then there's the log. Oh how I loathe the log. Writing down when you fed, which side you fed and how long you fed. Was there pee? Was there poop?

I understand that some babies are born with special circumstances that may require one to closely monitor their digestive intake and outtake. But for your average healthy baby, can't we just leave them alone and let them tell us when it's time?

I hate scheduled breastfeeding so much that I've developed a workaround to keep these breastfeeding Nazis off my back.

I lie.

And I fill out that log just the way they want to see it.

"Yep, I just fed her an hour ago."

"She ate really well for 15 minutes on each side."

"Yes, a very wet diaper. Such a good girl."

Then as soon as they leave me alone we resume our casual routine.

Right now Lucy is feeding about every three to four hours. She even goes five hours at night without eating. **Gasp!**

But don't tell those breastfeeding Nazis. Because then they are going to wonder how I got her to gain a whole pound in just one week.


  1. I totally agree with you!!! You should have the Nash Nursing Rules!!

  2. Ha! Ha! I agree 100%.

    With our firstborn, we dutifully filled out those logs and woke our daughter to eat and all of that crazy "nonsense."

    With our second little girl, we have never once jotted down a single feeding or "pooping." Nor do we pay much attention to how many minutes on each side and all of that. I know my body. I know my baby. So we're quite leisurely about the whole thing. Fortunately, our midwife is the same way. She never once even gave us a log to fill out. That's yet another benefit to having a midwife and delivering at a birth center. I'm so glad I went that route this time...


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