Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'll Take Two Please

For the past four days we have been down one family member.

William has been at Nana and Papa's where things are much more exciting because his daily events include things like trips to the pool, chasing (terrorizing?) the puppy, talking to the man in the tree, listening to Papa's outrageous bedtime stories and letting Nana spoil him rotten with her delectable desserts and trips down the toy aisle at Target.

His past four days have not included any activities related to the selling and buying of houses. This is important because Brian and I have been eating, sleeping and breathing all things house-related.

We looked at about twenty houses this weekend and I can't even imagine what it would have been like to have had William with us. Well actually, yes I can. It would have been like this.

Buckle him in his carseat. Drive six blocks. Unbuckle. Wait for key in lockbox. Tell William to stop jumping off step while waiting for house to be unlocked. Walk in to prospective house. Discuss size of living room. Tell William to get off the couch. Discuss size of bedrooms. Tell William to get off the bed. Discuss kitchen area. Tell William to get out of the cupboards. Take a looksee at the backyard. Tell William to get back here. Right now. I'm counting to three. One...two...thr...good boy. Ask William if he has to go potty. Ask William if he's sure he doesn't have to go potty. Discuss reasons why this house isn't "the one." Walk back outside. Lock house. Chase William down sidewalk. Force him back in his carseat. Ignore crying. And whining. Drive six blocks. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You can understand why I was reminded this weekend how easy it is to have one child and how easy that one child is when she is a newborn whose carseat is easily clicked in and out of its base and whose needs require only mama's milk and gentle swaying of said carseat to fall asleep.

Brian and I took full advantage of having one, portable child this weekend. When we weren't looking at houses we visited cute pubs and had adult conversations. We accepted an invitation to a friend's house and stayed way past a toddler's bedtime. We didn't have set dinner times or lunch times. We went to mass and were actually able to listen to the homily.

All that said I missed my little boy. I missed his sticky hands and dirty feet. I missed his tousled hair and his stained t-shirt. I missed his incessant questions and his witty one-liners. I missed gazing at his peaceful, sleeping state as I check on him before I went to bed. I missed the click of the door when he woke up in the morning and his cute little announcement, "Mommy, I wake up." I missed "nuggling noses" and getting into that tasty little spot on the side of his neck right after he gets out of the bath.

Tomorrow morning I'm sure to be complaining about the unruly chaos that life with two brings. But all it takes is just a little time off to realize that life with two truly is a beautiful mess of wonderfulness.

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  1. So true! Having two is definitely a "beautiful mess of wonderfulness." I wouldn't trade it for anything.


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