Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Perks of Mommyhood

Until further notice I'll be camped out here for, well, for as long as it takes.

With a gleaming prize at the finish line.

That's right. I'm not ashamed of using a good old fashioned bribe.

Although there have been some questions as to its effectiveness. We repeatedly told him yesterday that if he goes "poopy on the potty" Daddy will bring home a special surprise: Cars on DVD! (His all-time fave.)

Then we reviewed.

"William what do you have to do today?"

"I go poopy on the potty!"

"That's right. And what will Daddy bring home for you if you go poopy on the potty?"


"A shirt!"

Hmmm. We really got through to him don't ya think?

Feel free to sympathize.

Now, back to Potty Central.

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