Monday, October 12, 2009

October 12, 2009

I had to title this post with the date just so that next year on this day when it's 60 degrees and sunny and I decide to look back through my archives and see these pictures I won't think that Blogger made a date error.

I just read through some of my friends' status updates on Facebook. Ninety percent are about the snow and one hundred percent of those are negative.

One little boy would beg to differ.

Other than his birthday William has no concept of this thing we call a calendar or even the natural order and progression of seasons.

For all he knows tomorrow's plans might include a trip to the beach.

Maybe they will.

But today's plans included hats and mittens, snowballs and wet pants (haven't had a chance to get snowpants that fit yet!).

Maybe you're annoyed you had to brush off your car this morning. I bet the traffic was a bit hairy too. Maybe in your neck of the woods you're even begrudgingly searching the garage for your snow shovel.

But I bet when you were almost three...

...way back when...

...and you woke up to this...

...I bet, I bet... smiled like this.


  1. We built five snow people and went sledding this morning. Hot cocoa followed. I love it! We all had a blast. Even John was laughing all the way down the hill.

  2. I want to trade in my grumpy husband who complained non-stop about the snow for three days for smiling, happy, snow-loving William. What do you say? Is it a deal?

  3. Cute! Our N'hood was FULL of kids at the crack of dawn. FULL. Kids everywhere, sledding, rolling in it and laughing. Seeing the joy in Ashley's face made me even giddy, regardless of how early the snow came. She dropped what she was holding when she looked out the window, skipped breakfast and called her neighbor friend. Hey, we live in MN and we're not leaving; let's make the most of it!


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