Friday, October 23, 2009

One Big Playdate

On Wednesday I lost my ability to make good decisions and invited over my three good mom friends from our original "mommy" class and all their broods.

I kid, I kid. It was tons of fun albeit a bit chaotic.

It's really a great story. We all joined the same Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) class way back in September 2007. When we learned that not only were we all first-time moms but also that our firstborns were no more than three months apart we became instant besties.

But it gets better. When number two came along you'd have thought we all compared ovulation charts. From August through December of last year all four of us were pregnant. Those babies were born in December, January and little Lucy finished up our procreation project in April. But I have a hunch none of us are finished just yet.

We're no longer in the same ECFE class but we've remained close nonetheless with playdates and moms-only dates. We laugh. We cry. But most importantly we support.

When they all came over on Wednesday to see our new house we quadrupled the normal capacity of our home. Every toy we owned was somewhere to be found on the hardwood floors. The crawling babies had to swim through a sea of plastic to get to the other side of the room.

And the noise. Good Lord! Amy quickly found the most offending device, a blue whistle, and promptly placed it high above and out of reach.

Dona arrived last. Dear, sweet Dona. Always the one to put everything in perspective. She laughed amid the cries and the screams and the pounding and the running as we were trying to have a real conversation.

"I just love this!" She exclaimed

I looked at her in disbelief. At that point I may or may not have been dreaming of us moms at a classy joint with a glass of red wine in hand while the daddies were at home with the little people.

"I mean, this is just where we all are right now," she said, "It's so cool!"

And I guess it kind of was. No one was annoyed by somebody else's kid because they were all our kids. All the same ages and all the same stages.

The best idea we had was to sit all eight of them on the sofa and get a picture. I never would have guessed it but it didn't turn out half bad!

We threw around a couple of good captions for the photo. Fertility? Pro-life? Repopulating the earth?

Or maybe, simply: Friends.

OK, here we go, left to right: Luke, Jack, Miles, Leila, Carter, Olivia, William and Lucy.

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  1. Jen,
    I just love it. I'm beyond blessed to have my ECFE Besties. What would I do without them? I must say though that for all the little ones and how seriously outnumbered we were, ALL of our kids played well together and there just isn't a cuter bunch on the planet.
    Thanks for hosting us. Can't wait for the 9th!!


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