Saturday, November 21, 2009

Big Day 'Round These Parts

" I'm going to be free, mommy!"

**Do you LOVE his "3" t-shirt in the pictures? Check out In Stitches. Tiffany makes super cute tees for babies and toddlers. She's also made a couple of onesies for Lucy with L's on them. I'll get pictures posted as soon as I can get shirts over her head post-surgery!**


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM! It looks like you had a great day...and some good cake too. What a great bike too. We hope you have fun riding it.

  2. Happy Birthday, William! I love being your birthday buddy. Dominic is so excited that you are three! He said, "Hey, he's three, like ME!" Enjoy some more presents and cake :)

  3. Happy Birthday, William!

    Jenny & Brian - all years are the best years, but I LOVE having a three year old!

  4. Happy 3rd birthday to your handsome little boy!

    Three is fun. Frustrating at times, but - mostly - fun.

    P.S. How is little, lovely Lucy?


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