Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm not perfect.

I don't write perfectly and I don't speak perfectly. I don't complete projects perfectly. I don't treat others perfectly and I certainly don't pray perfectly.

My house isn't perfectly clean. My shirt isn't perfectly white. I'm not a perfect mother nor a perfect wife and I really don't cook all that perfectly.

But there are two things in my life that I have made with absolute perfection.

Their names are William and Lucy.

Of course I had a tiny bit of help from the big guy upstairs. OK, a lot of help.

How cool is the making and birthing of babies? How perfect is God's creation?

You love someone else so much that out of that love comes a whole new unique human being. Something out of almost nothing.

So forgive me nurses and doctors of Gillette Children's Hospital if I'm not the most agreeable parent. If I demand something that you're not used to. Or if I don't smile when you walk in the room or laugh at your effort to make small talk.

I've met you once, Mr. Doctor. I know you're good at what you do and I'm going to put my faith into trusting you but please understand that I'm going to be a bit bitter when I have to hand over my little perfection for you to cut into her tiny, perfect head.

I've met you never, Mr. Anesthesiologist. So yes, I am going to be there when my little Lucy drifts off to sleep. I know that's not convenient or standard practice for you but it's going to have to be for our family.

And to the nursing staff, thank you in advance for taking such good care of my little Lucy. But because she is my little perfection please understand when I insist on giving her mama's milk and only mama's milk. I understand most parents do it differently but this is the way we do things.

I know with all the tubes and bandages it would be easier to feed her with a bottle. But my little Lucy will be in enough discomfort and utter confusion about what is going on so what she wants, she will get. If she wants breastmilk from the breast we will work together to make that happen.

To the Gillette Hospital staff, I am so thankful that God has given you the talents you possess. It truly is a miracle in every sense of the word the marvels that you are able to accomplish. If I seem rude or uncooperative please know it isn't because I doubt you. It's only because you're dealing with my own, tiny, perfect, miracle. I'm sure you would act the same way if it were your own perfect children.

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  1. Yes, i know exactly how you feel,those babies were in you for all of 9 mths ,its hard to trust someone else for their care,but she seems to be in the best place so far,and im glad the worse is over,sleep well baby Lucy,we all love you sooo much!!!Love,Nancy


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