Monday, May 16, 2011

New Design - Yay!

If you're viewing this in an RSS reader quick click on over here to see my new design.

I kind of love it.  And I did it all on my lonesome.  It probably took me ten times as long as it would have if I paid a designer but it feels SO much more gratifying.

I love how the header captures the essence of what it is to be living in Casa del Mama Nash right now.  It makes me giggle every time I view my site.  William so flips cartwheels in the living room and Lucy so twirls pirouettes on her tippy toes.  The baby, of course, is still cooking but at least his/her presence is represented on this here little blog.

I still might monkey with my menu buttons and I need to make a Mama Nash button for all of you to grab and share, but in the meantime I hope you likey.  This space is feeling much more a part of me every day.

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