Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Happenings

Written last night (Thursday) but published this afternoon due to more than 12 hours of downtime on  Yeah...I might be ready to switch to Wordpress.
Blogger is currently unavailable due to maintenance so I’m typing this in Word so I don’t lose my mojo.  I’m thinking of following the crowd and moving to Wordpress.  But I’m scared.  Will I lose my archives?  My comments?  My template?  And speaking of template, I need a new header with impending baby.  I’m feeling the need for a new design anyway.

I saw William for like an hour today.  That’s it.  And now I won’t see him until Sunday no less.  He had school this morning and then a lunch date with a friend, who happens to be a girl.  When he got home, he and I made chocolate chip cookies until Nana came to pick him up.  His BFF cousin is in town from New York so they’re spending a few days together at Camp Nana.  It’s a nice break for him and for me.

He’s challenging me right now with his need for constant activity and companionship.  His behavior is superb so I really shouldn’t complain but sometimes I just wish he could play quietly for twenty minutes by himself.  Actually, ten.  I would take ten minutes if he offered it.  But it’s who he is so I try my best to honor that.  And even though I say I’ll indulge in the quiet and the stillness, the truth is I’m already missing his chatty mouth and his squirmy body trying to squish closer to mine on the sofa.  I love that boy.

Brian worked from home this afternoon so I went to Target by myself while Lucy was napping.  Holy dollar bills ya’ll.  I spend way more money when I have no kids with me.  Whoever says kids cost a lot of money has never taken a handful of them to the store.  Any mom knows that as soon as she walks in the store it’s a ticking time bomb until all hell breaks loose so the necessities is all you really have time to grab.  Next time someone asks me if I use coupons I’m going to say, “No.  I bring the kids with me.”

Tonight Brian is at our church’s Men’s Club meeting where he will be elected to the Board.  This is no small feat, you guys.  Those of you who know our parish know that it is very large and very influential and very locally prominent, even among non-Catholics.  Honestly, when we first moved here we weren’t sure we wanted to join this parish because we were under the assumption it was a bit clique-y.  And maybe it is.  But we joined anyway and immersed ourselves and we have been so, so, so happy that it’s a part of our neighborhood.

So anyway Brian started attending Men’s Club meetings in September just for the fun of it and seven months later he was nominated and now elected for the 10-member Board. Ten members!  And he’s one of them!  At 29 years-old, no less.  (What a young buck he still is!)  Of course, this means a lot more sacrificing in terms of time on my end but since I’ve been somewhat limited in my volunteering capabilities I’m going to go ahead and look at it as doing my part to give back.  Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself.

I’m starting to feel my little bun move around a lot more consistently now.  Feeling the baby move is definitely my favorite part of being pregnant.  It’s like a small token of appreciation from God for putting up with the rest of the not-so-great parts of being pregnant.  But I really do love being pregnant.  So you won’t hear me complain too much.  I hope.

On Saturday Brian and Lucy will join William at Camp Nana’s and because I already had a previous engagement scheduled for Saturday evening, I won’t be joining them.  Secret Admission: I’m kind of glad I had a previous engagement scheduled for Saturday evening.  It means I will have the whole house to myself for a night.  I don’t know if that’s ever happened.  And since Brian is taking the family vehicle and I have no idea how to drive his crappy stick shift car I’ll be forced to stay at home. (Dear Crappy Stick Shift Car: Don't take offense.  I love you.  You cost us next to nothing and require little to no maintenance.  Please don't die.)  I will, however, be attending the engagement.  Which happens to be a girl’s night out.  I think I’m really looking forward to this time alone.  But I also think I’m really glad it’s only for one night.

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