Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Living

Mother Nature has earned some major rebound points in my book these past few days. Longest winter of my life, no spring to be spoken of, and now this, finally. Bliss.

The sun and me are like a moth to a flame. Unfortunately I've discovered my baby bump isn't as big of a fan as I am. Boo.

I spent all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday outside and when I wasn't feeling too good last night I knew I had overdone it. I'll still be outside all summer long, for sure, I'll probably just have to watch the baking of the skin. Hmph.

Lots of other things to talk about...

We have slowly, slowly, started potty training Lucy. A couple of weeks ago she woke up in the morning and told me she had to go poop. I brought her to the toilet and she proceeded to do her business. Easy as that. But not so much. She hasn't done anything since.

She's completely different from William in that she tells me when she has to go but it is followed up by zero action. A typical potty conversation goes like this:

Lucy: I have to go potty.

Me: You have to go potty?

Lucy: Nope.

And then she shakes her head violently and runs away. She obviously knows what she's doing. I hope she clues me in soon.

While the potty training commenced on the patio, Brian was busy clearing out some river rock stepping stones that had taken residence in our garage for more than a year. It was previously in our old backyard prior to us laying sod and we had been toying with the idea of recreating the pathway again but decided it might cause little feet and toes to trip. So I put all the rock up for sale on Craig's List. I was going to put it on there for free but thought maybe, just maybe, I could earn a few bucks off it. A few hours and $250 later, I'm glad I didn't give it away. Does selling unused things on Craig's List ever make you feel a bit guilty? Like stealing?

We made s'mores on Saturday night and after I was done giggling at this photo...
Notice how her face looks like it went through a garbage disposal.  She bit it on the sidewalk the other day and landed face first into someone's rock retaining wall.
I was struck by this photo... 
Who is this stranger boy and when did he get so old?  No more high strung nerves about him falling in the fire pit.  Nope.  Now he carefully roasts his own marshmallows and does a dang good job to boot.

And finally, to cap off this summer-y post, I'll leave you with this video if you haven't already seen it posted to my Facebook page.  Every kid deserves a dad as wild and crazy as this.

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