Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Whole Does Not Equal the Sum of Its Parts

Three things I love:
1.  Old Houses
Even if said 90-year-old house does not come with central air conditioning.  We have beautiful original hardwood floors, arched entry ways, a built-in buffet, coved ceilings, 12-inch baseboards, a front porch the size of a regular living room, and a gorgeous handcrafted staircase.  All these things help offset the fact that our cooling system consists of two window units.

2.  The Heat
Not the Miami basketball team.  I'm talkin' summer.  We grin and bare the long winters here in Minnesota so when summer comes I soak it all up.  There's no such thing as too hot in my book.  Probably because I know it won't last all that long.  I love it when we have to lick our ice cream cones super fast because the heat will make them melt.  I love being outside well past 10 o'clock with only a tank top and shorts on.  I love when the only real choice is sprinkler or pool.

3.  Being Pregnant
Aside from some downers for a few weeks in the first trimester I really do love being pregnant.  I find it so amazing how my body just takes over without me having to ask it to do anything.  I've never felt more like a wife, mother and overall woman when I have a bump out in front of me.  And of course there's the positives of not having to shell any money over to these guys for a few months and also the fact that my chest area grows to that of a regular woman's thus making my shirts and dresses actually fit me better despite my growing size.

So, add them all up and what do you have?  Unfortunately the answer is a super miserable Mama Nash.  The 103-degree temperature yesterday made our old house heat up faster than the dashboard of a car parked in the sun.  And our hot house made pregnant me really, really sick no matter my attempts at keeping hydrated and attempting to remain in the coolest spot: next to the window unit in our bedroom.  You still won't find me ever complaining about the heat, or our house or my pregnancy.  I just hope they don't all have to collide together all summer long.

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