Monday, July 11, 2011


Summer is a funny time for blogging. There's so much to write about. So many stories to tell. So many fun pictures to post. A thousand more than during the winter months.

Ones like this and this.

But the thing about blogging is that I have to actually take the time to step away from the living to do it.  And when the days are this long and this sunny and this warm and so, so full of I-don't-want-to-miss-a-single-second action, well, I choose the life of the living.  We live in the north after all and these days are numbered.

But while I've been away there have been two major happenings in the Nash household.  I cryptically alluded to one a few months back and it's finally come to fruition.  Brian has moved jobs to a new company.  Is this deju vu?  Didn't I just write that very sentence a couple years ago?  Such is the life of a salesman, I guess.  An opportunity came along and, as they say, he [read: we] couldn't pass it up.

I'm so proud of him for being so successful so early in his career.  And I don't mean success to be equal to money.  Although that part is always nice, isn't it?  What I mean is that Brian has a knack for creating opportunities for himself.  These opportunities appear to fall out of the sky right into his lap.  But I know better than that.  I know he's worked hard at creating a huge network for himself.  He's a people person through and through and it shows.

One of these days I'm going to write about my role in all this and what it means to be a housewife in the year 2011.  While I don't contribute financially to our household income I do believe our shared decision to have me stay at home has had a major impact on Brian's professional success which has relieved the burden of being a one-income family which has left more room for us to focus on us and how to be a more happy us.  It sounds so 1950s to leave the bread-winning solely to my husband but we've found a modern way to do it.

While Brian's been busy transitioning email and Blackberry contacts, I've been busy making the ol' switch-a-roo in Lucy's room.  Out with the baby, in with the big girl.  We are in Phase 1 on bedroom transitions before Baby #3 arrives in October.  And I have to say, so far I've been pleasantly surprised.  While there have been a few hairy nap and bed time routines everything seems to have smoothed itself out in about a week's time.  After the novelty of freedom without crib bars wore off, she realized we meant business and now her bedtime is as easy as it was with crib.

Right now we just have a mattress on the floor but Phase 2 will put her on the bottom of the bunk beds we have on order.  Phase 3, the trickiest in my opinion, will be combining William and Lucy into one room.  Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated.  I wouldn't be that worried if it weren't for their complete opposite sleep habits.  William is a hard sleeper while Lucy is a light sleeper.  William goes to bed early and wakes up early.  Lucy is a night owl and most days doesn't crack an eyelid before 9 o'clock.  I'm sure everything will eventually work itself out but I'm just not looking forward to the growing pains.

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