Thursday, July 28, 2011

How Did We Get Here?

Today I had my prenatal glucose test for my third pregnancy.

On Monday I will already be 28 weeks pregnant.  Seven months.  Third trimester.  Twelve weeks to go. (!!!)

Today I put my youngest down for a nap in a real bed.  Not a crib.

Today my oldest won't be taking a nap.  Because he's almost five (five!) and naps are on their way out for him.

Today I ordered bunk beds.  And after I clicked "submit" I sent a text to Brian asking him how we got here.  Here being "bunk bed status."

He replied with a funny comment.  I won't write it here but it had something to do with the way babies come about.  That silly husband of mine.

When I was pregnant with William it felt like the baby stage was going to last forever.  I remember putting together his crib and thinking he would be in it forever.  And then suddenly I was pregnant again and he wasn't the baby and he wasn't too little for a big bed.

I've gotten a little smarter along the way.  This time I'll be purchasing a dresser to double as a changing table for the baby's room.  Because what good is a changing table without any changing to be done?  And I bought a twin over full bunk bed with an option to add a trundle.  Because now I know.  Nashes like to populate like bunnies.  But they don't live in big house.

For Brian, one of six siblings, this is all he's ever known.  Except for a brief period during his senior year of college, he has never called a room all his own.  I, too, shared a room growing up but it was always a choice, not a demand for space saving.  And I moved into my own room once I hit junior high.

While I definitely appreciated being able to call the basement all my own throughout my teenage years, I can also see the benefit of keeping everyone in tight quarters.  Nowadays, with sprawling suburban homes, it's easy for family members to get lost.  For the family dynamic to slowly fade into separate corners, separate rooms.  Keeping them boarded up together will keep us all more connected.  Or at least that's what I tell myself as I'm trying to squeeze another peg into my car in the game of Life.

"Doesn't it seem like we were just prancing down the Quad to our next class?" I recently asked Brian.  "Back then did you ever dream you'd be married with three kids before you turned 30?"

"Yeah," he replied, "I actually did."

And that is so totally Brian.  And that is so totally why I love him.

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