Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Off The Top of My Head

This morning I was thinking I could start a whole new blog consisting only of lists. Just short tidbits of what's going on in my life and in my head. I have a feeling that's pretty poor and rather lazy writing. But it does get the job done doesn't it?

I have a longer, more controversial, post forming in my head. But it's still in its infancy. (I could write a whole other post entirely on how I come up with post ideas and where I get my inspiration.) So while I wait for that idea to mature, here are the top seven voices in my head trying to get out.

1. Good bye wretched t-ball, hello swimming lessons. We started yesterday, despite some sprinkles, and go every day now for two weeks. I have to tell you, I kind of love it. We get up and dressed early. I grab my homemade iced coffee and we head to the local outdoor pool. Lucy sits in her stroller and eats crackers and is mesmerized by all the other kids, especially the dive team. (She did ask quite a few times if she could go swimming but so far no meltdowns when I tell her she has to wait until next year.) I think what I like best is that there's no blasted sand to get in shoes and make hands all dirty. But that's just me and my anal ways.

2. After much deliberation and persuading from Brian, I finally broke down and purchased a smart phone. I never thought I needed one since I'm home all day and always within distance of the computer. But the computer is stationary and I'm finding that doesn't always work for me. The phone travels with me around the house, outside, to the store, and so I'm able to be much more communicative on email, Facebook and Twitter. I'm hoping these instant interactions will all help with this here little blog. More on that in #4.

Although I was tempted, I did not get an iPhone. I trusted Brian and went with an Android. He tells me that's where the market is headed and I trust him in all things business tech related. Every day I tell him some cool new use I found with the phone and ever day he makes me repeat, "You were right!"

So far I haven't paid for a single app. And I'm not really interested in doing so. I just want the basics. I want to check my email, write a shopping list, look up a recipe, reserve a Redbox rental. I think the best part of the whole deal is that my monthly mobile bill actually went down $10 thanks to a super cool rep at the AT&T store. How's that for affirmation?

3. After a series of unfortunate outcomes in an attempt to make my own ice cream I finally did my due diligence and read all the instructions carefully and followed them precisely. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Have you ever made your own ice cream? Incredible. That is all.

4. Last Thursday night I had the sincere pleasure of meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Stephanie from MetropolitanMama.net. After corresponding for more than two years it was surreal to finally meet her face-to-face. I kept saying it was like Internet dating for bloggers.

We talked for hours about everything from childbirth to traveling the country with her family to teaching our four-year-olds to read. Stephanie is currently spending a year traveling the country with her husband and two little girls via RV. Read more about their Give Every Day adventure here.

I think what I'll take away most from my evening with Stephanie was her desire to invoke the value of my blog to me. She gave me a renewed sense of what it means to be a blogger and to have a loyal following. Too often I brush off this space as just something I do for fun. But she made me realize I'm much bigger than that. When someone does that for you, without anything in it for them, that's the essence of a true friendship. Thank you, Stephanie!

5. Public Service Announcement: While waiting to take a left turn at a stoplight it is quite appreciated, encouraged even, to pull all the way out into the middle of the intersection. This allows room for the cars going straight to pass you on the right and it also allows the car behind you to turn left with you when the light turns yellow.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Moving right along.

6. Ever since Brian started his new job and we moved off his dreadful old health care plan and on to a much more reasonable plan, I've been making appointments like crazy. Dentist for both the kids. (Neither has ever been!) Routine physical for Brian. (It's been since high school!) A cranio check-up for Lucy. (She's two years post surgical!) And a consult with a pediatric gastroentrologist for William. (More on the need for this later.)

I can now schedule all these with just a minimal copay instead a million dollar deductible. OK so our old deductible wasn't that much, but darn near it. I can't decide if this experience makes me more or less in favor of government health care.

7. We took the kids to the horse races on Sunday. It was hot and humid and we needed something that offered both indoor and outdoor options. I know this sounds like a strange thing to do as a family but the whole setup is quite kid-friendly. I only wish it wasn't so busy the day we went. There was some sort of breast cancer event which brought out a lot of ladies in pink.

We didn't gamble away the kids' college funds but we did put a couple bucks here and there on some gut-feeling horses and we let William pick some of his own based on his favorite-sounding names (i.e. "Loaded Gun" -- such a boy). He thought that was pretty fun and he liked cheering for "his" horse as it neared the finish line.

So there's my list of seven.  Now, tell me yours!

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