Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This summer I have found that showering is most efficient for me if it happens in the middle of the afternoon. The reasons being are:

1. It's been so hot and humid this summer that any benefit of a shower is completely lost come ten o'clock after chasing the kids outdoors or inside my non-central-air-conditioned home.

2. Lucy is napping.

3. We usually have nowhere to be in the late afternoon hours so I can let my hair air dry instead of blasting hot air from my hairdryer on my already hot body. (Haha! I said "hot body." Brian is going to love that double meaning.)

So, after lunch our routine goes like this. I put Lucy to bed. William reads his books for one hour in his room while I do work on the 'puter. When the one hour is up he comes down stairs and I let him play on pbskids.org while I run upstairs to shower.

Well it seems pbskids.org has maybe bored him just bit after so many days because while searching for a particular photograph in my archives the other day I discovered that he taught himself how to use the webcam and all the fun extras that come with it. See photos below. There was also a video. I won't show it here because it was more than five minutes long. But Brian and I almost wet our pants watching it.

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