Friday, August 19, 2011

Yogurt Giveaway!

Yogurt is a staple in our house. When we've run out of it the kids ask for it, beg for it and then demand we go to the store to buy more.

And I totally agree with them.

The health benefits of yogurt are endless. It's an excellent source of calcium and protein. Which is a good thing because (a) my kids both show a slight intolerance to lactose so we don't get all of our calcium from drinking milk and (b) we don't eat a lot of meat around here and therefore need protein from other sources. Because of it's live cultures, yogurt also helps promote intestinal health and can help ward off yeast infections. Ladies, if you've ever had one of these you will join me in singing the praises of yogurt!
Another benefit of yogurt is that it is extremely gentle on little tummies which is why Stonyfield's YoBaby Yogurt one of the first foods I feed my babies after starting a few fruits and veggies. YoBaby is a bit more expensive than other brands but I like the peace-of-mind in knowing that the yogurt is both organic and has been specifically created for ages six months and up.
Have you gotten on the Greek yogurt bandwagon yet?  Both Brian and I have joined and we love it!Stonyfield now offers the Greek option in their Oikos yogurt.

Brian is especially a big fan of Greek yogurt because as an aspiring body builder (only joking, but seriously this guy can throw up some weight) he likes how much protein he can get in just one cup -- nearly 20 grams.  I challenge you to find another source of so much protein that can also boast low fat and low carbs.  And as a hungry pregnant mama, I love Greek yogurt because one cup fills me up and keeps me from having to snack more often during the day.  You guys, pregnant hunger is nothing to fool around with!

My only critique of Stonyfield is that I wish their yogurt contained about 30-40% less sugar.

Want a chance to try Stonyfield's YoBaby and Oikos yogurt for FREE?

Leave me a comment answering the following question (or anything yogurt-related): How much yogurt does your household consume and what are your favorite brands?

One person will win coupons for a FREE 4-pack of YoBaby Organic Yogurt and a FREE 5.3 oz cup of Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt.

Contest ends Friday, August 26 at 11:59 p.m. Central time.

Good luck!  Oh, and if you don't win, check out Stonyfield's website for coupons.

*Stonyfield provided me with product samples for review purposes and also with coupons for a giveaway.  Opinions are all my own.

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