Friday, August 26, 2011

The Help, The Chiropractor and The Whining

This past week has been, um, challenging.  We've all (minus Brian) been a bit under the weather with allergies/sore throat/ear infections/sinusitis that we just can't seem to shake day after day.  It's doubly difficult when we're experiencing some of the best weather of the entire summer and we see all of our neighbors out riding bikes and pushing strollers well into the evening hours.

The kids are EXTRA whiny and while I've tried to wake up with a patient smile each morning, a person can only take so much, you know?  Lucy, I think, had an ear infection that came and went on its own with the help of our friend, Motrin, in the evening.  But William started complaining about his ear this morning and he will likely get a little help from antibiotics as his ear infections tend to be very severe.  Either that or his pain tolerance is a lot lower than Lucy's.  I wouldn't doubt the latter.  His White Boy Syndrome that plagued him as a newborn just may have followed him into his preschool years.  Chalk another one up for female strength!

I have gotten some whining relief in the evening though thanks to Brian who has pulled his weight in dinner and bedtime duty two nights in a row as I headed out of the house.  I deal with it all day but I feel so guilty when he has to deal with it alone for a couple hours.  Why is that?  Are all moms like this or are some better at letting go and letting their spouse hold the reigns?

So anyway, I got out of the house two nights this week.  Exciting!

First I went to see a prenatal chiropractor and I had meant to write an entire post about this ah-mazing experience but with all the whining (Have I mentioned there's been a lot of whining around here?) the week got away from me.

So 31 weeks into my pregnancy and I finally get around to doing something about that pesky sciatica that's been the only thorn in my side this whole pregnancy.  When it was over I asked myself, "WHAT THE HECK HAD I BEEN WAITING FOR?!"  I really did use capital letters in my head.  Because seriously, this lady was incredible.  She did all this special stuff to accommodate my massive belly and she popped and cracked and aligned and adjusted and oh my!  It was the first time in months I didn't wince when I got out of my bed in the morning.  Or when I lifted my leg to put my pants on.  Seriously.  It was all this little stuff that caused enormous amounts of shooting pain that I just thought I had to live with this whole time.

Last night we went for a family walk after dinner with both kids strapped down in the double stroller (because of all the whining, remember?) and at one point I told Brian that we could walk faster than our current pace.  He gave me a puzzled look.  For weeks now I have had to plead with him to slow down as I waddled behind him.  Did you know waddling is actually horrible for you during pregnancy?  I always thought it was just the natural way for the body to accommodate the belly.  But now I feel so much taller and straighter.  I feel I have more control over how to carry my belly instead of my belly bringing my whole body down.

So anyway, enough praise singing about chiropractors, or prenatal ones at least.  All I have left to say is, if you're pregnant and you've got back pain, don't let it rule your life.

Next up?  The Help!  Have you seen it?  Well, wait.  First, have you read the book?  If you haven't read the book then you should run to your local library and get thee self on the waiting list to check it out.  I read it last summer and since then all I've been doing is trying to find another book that can compare to its goodness.  None can.

So after you've taken exactly one day to read the book, because that's how fast you'll want to read it, you should then grab a girlfriend or two who have also read the book and run out to your local movie theater.  This is the only movie that I can think of that actually does the book justice.  (Note that I am not a Twilight or Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings fan so I can't speak to those series.)  And as a bonus your husband will enjoy it too.  While the cast and storyline are predominately female based, it's not so chic-flicky that your husband will roll his eyes.  It's a very well-told story.

To recap:  Chiropractor?  Go visit one.  The Help?  Go read it/see it.  And whining.  Lots of whining.

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