Monday, September 19, 2011

The List

Brian noted last week that I hadn't written a blog post in quite some time. I reminded him that all of my creative juices were being used up elsewhere.

I'm a good housekeeper. My laundry basket is always under control. I cook a homemade dinner almost every night. And I bake at least once a week. But one thing I sorely lack is motivation to complete house projects. Paint samples stay on my walls for months. Walls are bare with frames unhung. Even new items that I purchase stay in closets for a lengthy period of time until I decide exactly what I want to do with them.

About a month ago I lashed out a bit. What is your problem, Brian wanted to know. It was realization followed by stress. Realization that this baby is coming. Soon. And our house, now lived in for two whole years, still kind of looks the same as it did when we moved in.

So I made The List. And Brian, who normally is just as against house projects as I am, was 100% on board. In one month's time we completely redid three bedrooms and part of our living room. (The other part was already finished.)

Brian is pretty much a painting pro now and I'm beginning to like the process of searching for the perfect accessories. I'm starting to see value in a throw pillow or the warming light of the perfect table lamp. I'm turning to Etsy to fill wall space instead of framing every cute family photo as I've done in the past.  Where are your favorite places to shop for home accessories?

Have I mentioned that I'm 35 weeks pregnant? With William making his appearance at 37 weeks that has me saying, "Holy crapballs!" It feels like my home pregnancy test just found its way into the trash bin, like, yesterday.

And have I mentioned that I really hope we're having a boy? Not because I really care that the baby is anything but healthy but because WE DON'T HAVE A GIRL NAME! It's driving me crazy. I've never been in this situation before. And yesterday we totally threw out our top three choices and zoomed a newcomer to the top position. But I only have a few more weeks to test it out which makes me nervous. I don't like last-minute impluse decisions. Espcially when it comes to my child's name. So I'm hoping it's a boy. Because we've got his name nailed down.

If it is a girl I'm hoping God comes down from the heavens with his big booming voice and says, "This child shall be called..." That would really help me out.

In other news, William and Brian ran a 1-mile race for our church's annual county fair this weekend. The race ran right past our house so Lucy and I were out in full force as the cheering squad. Really, kind of cute.
This week I'm going to write about sticker charts and how they never worked for us and then how they suddenly did, but only kind of. And then I'm going to promise you pictures of our new bedrooms. That should keep me on task. Maybe I need a sticker chart?

And if that's not enough, I'll leave you with this cuteness.

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