Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When You Turned 5

When you turned five...

...your favorite things were superheros and Star Wars.

...your favorite movie was Short Circuit.

...your favorite books were Dad's old Calvin and Hobbes comics.

...your favorite playmate was the little girl across the alley.

...we called you the baby whisperer for always calming your littlest sister.

...your best friend was Lucy.  She was also simultaneously your worst enemy.

...your favorite food was spaghetti with meatballs. also loved edamame.  You called them "popper peas" because of the way they pop out of their pods. were constantly taking bites out of the fruit in the centerpiece fruit bowl because of your deep love for all things fruit. slept on the top bunk.

...your favorite place to go was school. were thisclose to reading. had already been riding a two-wheeler for quite some time.

...I finally let you cross the street all on your own.  Sometimes. still needed an afternoon nap every once in a while. had a fierce discipline for always remembering to say your prayers.

...your favorite toy was anything resembling a weapon. had a crazy amazing (photographic?) memory for remembering things like the garage code and Papa's iPad password after only watching it be entered once. could never sit still. liked to talk. A lot. wanted nothing to do with arts and crafts. loved playing the piano, guitar and singing into the microphone with Dad. were my biggest helper and most needy child all at the same time. were already planning for the next baby the day after Katherine came home.

...we couldn't believe you were such a big kid.

....we sometimes forgot that you were still a little kid.

...we couldn't believe it had been five years since we were rushing to the hospital, a month too early, just two days before Thanksgiving, to give birth to the most beautiful baby boy the world had ever seen.

Happy 5th Birthday, William!

[Two days too late.  But that's what happens when you're the oldest of three.  You're always waiting.  Just ask me.]

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