Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Giggles

Before I had kids I would have thought this to be a lame video to post.  But now I have three.  And I know just how hard you work for those first giggles.  To know that behind the eating, sleeping, pooping machine there's a real live person.  One with feelings and emotions.  And not one where all the feelings are of being hungry.  But a little life who enjoys some fun and play just like the rest of us.  And more importantly she enjoys it with her Daddy.

I'm only a teeny bit angry he got her to laugh before I did.

I feel like I haven't written enough about Katherine lately so let me sum it up in three little words: She is awesome.  I can totally see why it's easy to think about having a fourth when your third just sits and smiles all. day. long.  I am in love.

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