Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes [1.27.12]

1.  I had a dentist appointment at 7 a.m. this morning.  It was still dark when I got in my car to leave.  The only time I'm ever up and at 'em that early is if I'm heading to the airport.  I canceled my dental insurance for the rest of Brian's company's fiscal year so I figured I should get in a check-up before the end of the month while insurance would still pay for it.  And wouldn't ya know, when you call a week in advance, 7 a.m. appointments are all that they have available.

2.  I hate going to the dentist.  I was seriously laying there as she scratched away at my teeth with that pointy sharpy thing thinking that I was pretty sure I'd rather be going through childbirth than sitting there in that dentist chair.  And that's coming from a gal who's got a set of pretty healthy teeth.  No root canals or bridges or crowns to speak of.  I hadn't been in three years.  I can see you wagging your finger at me.  Stop it.  I got enough from the hygienist.  She said I brush too hard and floss too little.  And she was kinda mean about it.  What is it about hygienists feeling like they have a right to get up on their soapbox all the time?  When I go to the doctor for a check-up they never guilt trip me about not exercising enough or not eating 3-5 servings of vegetables every single day.  What's up with that?

3.  Last weekend Brian and I cleaned, sorted and purged the basement.  After Katherine was born it became a dumping ground for all the clutter I didn't have time to deal with but didn't want to see.  Every time I came downstairs to do the laundry I had an anxiety attack at the mounds of boxes that had piled up.  I sorted through and organized all my baby clothes, Brian made a trip to Good Will, we broke down a lot of cardboard boxes for the recycling bin, and I listed a few items on eBay.  (Go have a look!)  Now whenever I come down to do the laundry, which is once every ten minutes, I feel peace and calm rushing through my body.

4.  Now that our basement looks so much bigger without all that clutter, I decided to make a small play space down there for the kids.  Currently our porch is the home to all the kids' toys but it was getting a little full after opening Christmas gifts.  So I relocated a few of their old toys to the basement and now they are suddenly super interested in all the things that were previously collecting dust.  Funny how just a new spot can do that.  It's nice to have another option for the kids to go as we sit here in the middle of January anxiously awaiting spring.

5.  Speaking of the weather, there hasn't been much mention of it around here.  Usually it seems to be my favorite topic here on the ol' blog.  Especially if I'm in a complaining kind of mood.  But this winter has been different.  Very little snow and very high temps.  So I'm not complaining.  We got a couple of inches in the last week but nothing that makes a very big story.  The kids love the snow and as long as it isn't paired with below zero temps, I'm OK with it.  I'm so hopeful for an early spring.  Here we are at the end of January so soon and it's like I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But a true Minnesotan knows to never jinx it until it's the end of March.

6.  On Wednesday Brian took the day off work to visit his dad who is recovering from surgery.  He took Lucy with him.  The whole day felt like a vacation.  And I didn't even make William take a rest.  I never realized just how much energy it takes to raise a two-and-a-half-year-old whose name is Lucy.  I think she probably uses up 90% of my mental and emotional energy and the other two get the leftovers.  During lunch William turned to me and asked why it was so quiet in the house.  Every day with my Lucy is full of fireworks.  Explosive and loud, but still ridiculously pretty.  Every day with Lucy is also another day closer to her turning three.  Thank goodness for that.

7.  Lucy getting older reminds me that William is old.  I took him to Kindergarten Round-Up on Tuesday night.  Yep, we're there already.  He was so excited to be there.  Afterward he kept telling everyone he knew that he was in Kindergarten Round-Up now.  He's excited to wear a uniform and walk with the big kids and cross the street with the school patrol and eat lunch there and he totally cannot believe that he'll get to skip rest time every day.  He's such a good kid and sometimes I forget that.  There's a kindergarten teacher out there who doesn't even know what's going to hit her next year.

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