Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fun With The Baby

When does the baby stop being referred to as "The Baby" and start being called by her given name?

I don't know but I hope not soon because that would mean she's getting old.

I can barely remember calling William or Lucy "The Baby."  But I know I did.  And now they're "Luce" or "Lucenberg" (don't ask) and "WILLIAM!" or "Hamster" (don't ask on that one either.)
This little lady has brought so much joy in our little family.  You absolutely positively cannot say you've had a bad day when she looks into your eyes and gives you a giant, gummy, drool-y grin.  I dare you to try.
And having a five-year-old this go round has been a pleasant surprise of wonderfulness.  He's so patient with her and mostly gentle.  He is boy after all so there's only so much he can do when it comes to being gentle.  He begs to hold her.  He calms her when she cries.  He offers her his face for inspection as seen above and never flinches or cries out or gets mad when she scratches him or pulls too hard as I know she does.  I'm a little sad William will never have a brother who is close to him in age.  But I think God knew what he was doing when he gave him these little sisters.

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