Friday, March 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes [3.9.12] AKA It's My Birthday And I'll Cry If I Want To

1. It was my 31st birthday on Wednesday. As far as birthdays go, this one was pretty much the worst ever. William was first. Only a couple hours after the midnight hour and into my birthday, he woke us up to let us know he had thrown up all over his pillow. That continued every hour or so for the rest of the night and into the morning. Lucy was next, shortly after breakfast. When the clock read 10 AM, it felt like it was already 8 PM. And that was pretty much how the day went. When one was throwing up, the other was on the toilet doing the other thing. When one was sleeping, one was whining. And on and on and on.

2. Brian stayed home for work. We didn't shower. We didn't get dressed. Brian left the house only once to pick up necessary survival supplies at Walgreen's. We watched a lot of TV. Our washer and drier ran nonstop. We rinsed our hands with bleach. We considered running away. Or at least not having any more kids. We rolled our eyes. We cried. We had a pity party. My birthday dinner was a bowl of Cheerios.

3. This is our second go-round with the throw-ups this year. Hence the pity party. But there are a few things for which I'm thankful. So far Brian, Katherine and myself are completely healthy. And the best birthday present anyone could give me would be to offer up a thousand and one prayers that it stays that way.

Also, I have to say it was a bit easier having the older two kids be sick at the same time rather than have it this week only to have another kid have it next week. We didn't have to worry about the germ swap. At one point we even cozied the two of them up in their sleeping bags in Lucy's full size bed and set up a movie for them to watch on the laptop. That way they were quarantined and we could generally go about our business of sanitizing the main floor.

And finally, I'm so thankful that Brian has the kind of job where he can stay at home or work from home at a moment's notice. He has an overseas business trip coming up and OH MY LORD I am so thankful this didn't occur when he was gone.

4. On Thursday morning, the day after the Worst Birthday Ever, I snapped this photo.
This is how you know when my two little show-offs are really sick.  When neither has the energy to lift their head off their pillow to look above their puke buckets at the camera and give me a smile or a funny face.  Just nothin'.

5. And then there's this little love muffin.
She's as healthy and happy as can be and we've kept her as far away as is possible from her sickie siblings.  Would you just look at her?!  Ah!  All I want to do is nibble on those cheeks and stick my nose in her little neck and kiss her for infinity.  And her hair.  Gotta love the hair that still has yet to start falling out.

She got a little ticked at me earlier in the week because I couldn't make enough milk to satisfy her and I'm just not ready to start solids yet.  This always happens to me around the 4-month mark.  For two days I nursed her every hour and a half or so to help stimulate milk supply and that has seemed to help.  The other night I had a lot to offer her and after a good feeding she slept six straight hours.  That's huge for her.  And it's proven my theory that the only reason she hasn't slept through the night yet is because she's truly a hungry little thing.  Anyone have any other tips on how to make more milk?  And please don't suggest the mother's milk tea.  I tried that once and just could not stand the smell or taste.

6.  My birthday wasn't a total bust.  Brian did surprise me with a brand new pair of post-baby designer jeans.  I wear jeans almost every day so for me, spending money on a quality pair of jeans that fit like a glove and make me feel put together is totally worth it.  But I've never spent this much on jeans.  And I never would.  So a huge thank you to him for spending it for me and letting me know he thinks it's worth it.  And that I'm worth it.  Some time I'll tell you about how Brian used to be the worst present-giver ever and how he's gotten light years better.

7.  And finally, the weather.  This glorious spring weather.  It makes all things feel like they are going to be OK.  It's supposed to be 60 degrees this weekend so I've already declared we will be going for a long walk tomorrow.  Even if that means strapping my too-big five-year-old in the stroller because he still won't have enough energy from being sick to ride his bike.  And if anything, it means we can open up a few windows to rid ourselves of the memories of the Worst Birthday Ever.

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