Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We went to Chicago for spring break. We drove to Chicago for spring break. And I *think* we had fun. Mostly, anyhow. No one got sick which is a damn miracle considering the illnesses we've endured this year.

The kids were really good...when they weren't sleepy or hungry. Which wasn't their fault.

It was expensive. As most things are in a big city.

And the traffic. Yikes! I'll never complain about our little stretch of I-94 again.

It wasn't very warm but it was still sunny. They don't call it the Windy City for nothing.

Brian and I went out with his brother and his wife on Friday night sans kids.  I partied like I didn't have kids.  That was fun.

We split up mass times on Easter Sunday because we thought it would be easier than bringing everyone into the crowded church. And that made me a little sad. Being that it was Easter Sunday. It turns out the church wasn't so crowded and we probably should have just made it work together.

I've been to Chicago numerous times. But never with the kids. I'm still trying to decide if I'd ever bring them back.

Yes, I think I would. But I would do it differently. I wouldn't wait in lines. I'd avoid the tourist traps. Instead I'd let them roam in the fantastical parks that Chicago has to offer. I'd ditch the car and its out-of-control gas prices, crazy expensive parking and endless tolls and instead opt for an airplane and mass transit. I'm convinced it's the same price or cheaper and a whole heck of a lot less stressful.

And for sure I would spend more time with family and friends. That was the best part of the whole trip.

Overall I'm really glad we went. Our family needed something to look forward to. Something to get us out of these four germ-infested walls.

But, as Brian said the morning after we arrived back home, the two of us might need a vacation after our vacation.
Skydeck at Sears Tower.  (Does anyone call it Willis Tower now?)

The Ledge at Sears Tower.  A glass cube you can stand out on and see clear down to the streets below.  This picture is five minutes after William got over his fear.  Yes, it's that scary.  No, I don't recommend waiting in line for three hours or spending $60 to see this.  Still cool, though.

Brian and I standing in front of The Bean in Millennium Park.  I wish we would have spent three hours in this park instead of ten minutes.  Perfect for kids!

Snuggled up in the Ergo with Uncle Jo-Jo.  Look at the mop of hair!  Best baby in the world.

Standing on Navy Pier, Chicago skyline in background.

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